Learning from Human Rights Defenders Talks

News | Posted on Wednesday 18 October 2023

A series of talks are taking place over autumn by human rights defenders. We hope these talks will inspire others to fight for human rights.

Each year, the University’s Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) hosts human rights defenders at risk through its Protective Fellowship schemes. Participants in the scheme engage in human rights learning and teaching, develop their research capacity, conduct advocacy to further their work, expand their networks and share their experiences. Part of this outreach work includes giving a talk to staff and students at the University and the wider York community. This series of talks, called Learning from Human Rights Defenders, offers the defenders an opportunity to speak about their human rights work. We hope that these talks will inspire and inform others through the example of those who place themselves at risk in the fight for human rights.

The talks in the autumn series will be given by human rights defenders on the Extended Fellowship Scheme. This scheme is for human rights defenders from protracted crisis and armed conflict contexts, aims to support the defenders to continue their activism whilst outside their country of origin.

All talks start at 12.15pm and finish by 13.15pm. No booking is required.