With so many jobs involving the use of IT for extended periods, good posture, correct workstation set-up and regular breaks from computer use are important to minimise risk.

What can I do?

Before anything else, you should work through the online self assessment available. Do this when you are new to your post or whenever there are any significant changes to your workstation equipment or location.

Work through the online self assessment training

Following your online self assessment, you should raise any further concerns with your line manager.

Should further assessment be required then you should contact your departmental DSE assessor.

Find your departmental DSE assessor

If you are unable to resolve the issue(s)

If you should experience any problems relating to computer use and are unable to resolve them with reference to the above advice, contact Gary Malcolm, Occupational Health Adviser. If necessary your manager may refer you to Gary for advice by completing a Occupational health assessment management referral form [pdf].

Refer staff (yourself) to Occupational Health

Access to DSE eye test

A DSE eye test voucher is available from Health, Safety & Security.

Eye test voucher information

Guidance from the NHS on repetitive strain injury (RSI) including preventive measures is available at: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Repetitive-strain-injury/Pages/Introduction.aspx.