Student and society room booking

Booking a room

It can take up to two working days to confirm a room booking, so make sure to submit your request in good time.

  1. Login to Planon
  2. Select ‘Make a new booking’
  3. Enter contact details, the title of your booking and the number of people who will be present. Please note the maximum number of people may be restricted under Government guidelines
  4. If you are booking on behalf of a society please select the correct one
  5. If your booking is likely to be noisier than a normal meeting, please give details
  6. Please note that bookings on East campus and the Spring Lane Building are limited to a maximum 4 hours per day per student. There are spaces on West campus that can be booked for longer periods.
  7. Select ‘Continue’
  8. Enter the date & time for the start and end of your booking
  9. If you know the building or room you wish to book then enter the code under property preference. Leave blank if you have no preference.
  10. Under ‘Facilities’ you can select a room which is: bookable during vacation time, contains a hearing loop or PC & data projector or has wheelchair access. You can choose all that apply.
  11. Pick the room layout you would like. Leave blank if you have no preference.
  12. Click Search and a list of available rooms will be displayed. If a room you were expecting to see does not appear it may be already booked at the time you want it. If you tick ‘Show unavailable reservation units’ it will show when the room is booked.
  13. Click the room you would like to book and select ‘Continue’.
  14. If you are happy with the booking details click ‘OK’ to submit your request

Book a room

Terms and Conditions

When you book a room on campus, you agree to the University room bookings terms and conditions (PDF , 203kb). Please read this document before using a room so that you understand your responsibilities.

Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in the withdrawal of your booking rights.

Teaching room information

If you are not sure which room to book or need more information on the rooms available around campus, see teaching room information for more details about specific rooms. If you have a more complicated room request and would like to get in touch with us please email us at

Changes to room layouts

The classroom should always be used in its default layout and all furniture should remain as it is set up. If you require any changes to be made to your room layout contact and ensure you allow enough time in your booking for turnaround of the room.

Booking college and departmental rooms

If you would like to book a college room, such as a JCR, please contact the college directly. Some academic departments may require that certain rooms are booked directly through the departmental administrator.

Booking study spaces in the Library

Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media (TFTI) room bookings

If you're a TFTI student and want to use space in the department, book rooms using our online forms:

Special bookings


University Societies can make room bookings for the purpose of the normal activities of their society. A University teaching room is not a suitable location for a social event. Most events that involve the consumption of alcohol would be considered unsuitable social events in this context. Please contact the colleges to book their social spaces. Please also see the section on ‘Events’ below.

Social events

A University teaching room is not a suitable location for a social event. Most events that involve the consumption of alcohol would be considered unsuitable social events in this context. Please contact the colleges to book their social spaces.


For certain events, you will need to complete an Events Management Form alongside going through the normal booking process. This is necessary if your event:

  • Is a concert, performance, poetry reading, music or other similar event
  • Has a high risk of injury
  • Involves providing food and drink
  • Could be considered a statutory nuisance, eg noise pollution
  • Is an outdoor event
  • Involves visitors from outside the institution coming onto campus
  • Involves large numbers of people.
  • If you are unsure about whether your booking falls into one of these categories, contact the Health, Safety and Security Department.

For help with booking spaces and managing events, have a look at the YUSU Resources Hub.


If you are planning an event that isn’t related to teaching, research or other University business please book your space through York Conferences. They can also provide accommodation on campus for visitors.

Using rooms

University learning spaces are there for you to use. However, to help you get the most out of the space and ensure others can too - please read the following advice.

During your booking

If there is an accident or sudden illness, contact Security on internal extension number 3333 using the phone in the room. After the session, you will need to complete a University Accident/Injury report through the Health and Safety web pages.

Unless you have made prior arrangement, you will only be able to use the telephone in the room for internal numbers and emergencies. If you would like to arrange to make an external call from a room on campus, please contact Unified Communications a least a week before the session.

At the end of your booking

Before leaving the room, make sure it is ready for the next person to use by:

  • Clearing the boards
  • Turning off the projector using the button on the control panel
  • Replacing any furniture that you have moved to it its original layout
  • Clearing up any spillages or other mess made by food and drink
  • Throwing away or recycling any rubbish
  • Turning off the lights and close the doors.