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Students chatting to a tutor

Careers and skills

Right from the start, we are committed to helping you plan your future career. During your first year, as part of the University's Employability Strategy, you will be encouraged to develop and articulate your own 'employability plan' with the help of staff from the Careers team.

What jobs do York graduates do?

What jobs do York graduates do? 

We caught up with some of our recent graduates to find out what they are doing now.

How we can help you

Careers staff will help you with your plans, and to take full advantage of the range of opportunities for developing your employability through studies and extra-curricular life.

Our aim is to ensure that:

  • all our students have rich opportunities to develop their creativity, innovative thinking and an international outlook
  • our graduates have a head start in the competition for the most appealing graduate opportunities
  • you stand out from the crowd and have the personal skills necessary to apply your learning in the workplace

After you graduate

Degree day

After graduation, you will be welcomed into a worldwide network of more than 80,000 York alumni across 16 countries.

The University also provides alumni with a range of professional networking opportunities throughout the year, at events and online.

Developing your skills

Your career

Careers offers projects, training, volunteering, work experience and talks to help you make the most of your time here.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship

Mentors and business advisers are on hand to help you realise your ideas - and to demonstrate your commercial potential through the new University Enterprise Zone.

Learn a language

Our Languages for All programme gives you the chance to take a course in a foreign language alongside your studies. University of York undergraduate students are entitled to take one 19-week language course free of charge.

York Award

York Award is a unique, employability certificate of the University, awarded alongside your degree and valued by employers. Everything you do while at York, which involves developing employability skills, counts towards the award.


Volunteering is an excellent way of supporting your local community as well as developing valuable work and study skills.

Study abroad

There are many opportunities to have a unique experience you will remember forever, as well as demonstrate your adaptability and flexibility by having lived and studied abroad.