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Dr. Anika N. Haque wins the 2023 AXA Investment Managers Research Award

Posted on 19 December 2023

The University of York is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the international group AXA, specifically its philanthropic arm, the AXA Research Fund, and AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM).

The AXA IM Research Award recognises transformative research that explores solutions to address the social impacts of climate change and the transition to an environmentally sustainable and climate-safe future.

For the third time since 2021, the 3rd edition of the prize brings institutions together with a shared goal to address the most important issues facing our planet.

The announcement of this EUR 100,000 gift will consolidate Dr. Anika Haque's research on the exacerbated climate change vulnerability of populations in urbanised and disadvantaged areas of the global South, and on the inclusion of women in the policies and adaptation strategies in that regard.

The awardee, an assistant Professor in Human Geography and Environment,  said: "Despite growing recognition and increased evidence of women’s vulnerability to climate change, we hardly have any systematic understanding of the complex processes involved behind women’s vulnerability and adaptation, which severely restricts concrete operationalizations of women’s vulnerability reduction. This grant will help me to conduct further research in developing this understanding in the context of global South low-income urban settlements-where women fall at the intersection of multiple vulnerabilities.”

Philanthropy is a laboratory for experimenting and finding new solutions. The Office of Philanthropic Partnerships at the University of York is actively working to facilitate exchanges between researchers and funders. This new partnership with a global stakeholder is very welcomed as we collaborate across the University to develop activities in support of enhancing inclusion, internationalisation, and environmental sustainability—principles guiding York’s scientific community and culture.

For more information on the AXA IM Research Award:

AXA IM Press release

If you would like to find out more about the partnership, please contact Audrey Bounaix, Philanthropy Manager (Sciences - Environmental and Physical) at