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The Student Internship Bureau: SIB works with local businesses to set up project-based, paid work experience for University of York students. Some internships are based within University departments and services. Make sure you read our bulletins and update your profile in Careers Gateway to get the latest alerts from SIB. 

We do occasionally advertise graduate internships, with some made possible thanks to a gift to the university by Santander Universities. If you are applying for an internship which is part-funded by Santander (the advert will make this clear), please read this Santander statement re data sharing (PDF , 252kb)

Where do I apply? All SIB opportunities are advertised in Careers Gateway. Click on 'Exclusive Opportunities @York' tab on your dashboard. Keep up to date on new internships by liking the SIB Facebook page.

Are they paid? Yes, you are paid a minimum of £8.21 per hour (subject to tax and NI). Some internships offer more.

How long do they last for? They vary but all last for a maximum of 12 weeks. Term-time internships generally require 8-20 hours commitment per week.

If you have any questions you can contact us at


About SIB

What could we offer you?

Our internships are self contained pieces of work, delivered within a timeframe with specific outputs.‌ A SIB project can also give you a valuable insight into employment in a smaller business.

Project availability

All SIB internships are negotiated with employers according to the needs of the business at that time. We tend to advertise a range of projects throughout the year in a variety of sectors, such as business, IT, research, marketing and PR. Typical projects might include translating business documents, co-ordinating a marketing campaign, or designing a database.

How to apply

All our internships are are advertised through Careers Gateway. Log into Careers Gateway and click on the 'Exclusive opportunities @Yorktab. Internships are advertised for around 2 weeks and summer vacation internships will be advertised after the Easter vacation. Keep up to date with new opportunities by liking the SIB’s Facebook page.

For each internship you are interested in you will be required to submit a tailored CV and application form.

Interns are selected on the basis of the quality of their application form and CV, and their suitability for the internship. The SIB shortlists applicants on behalf of the employer; the employer then invites candidates from the shortlist to interview.

How can I improve my chances of being shortlisted?

You should always write your application as if you are applying directly to the employer. Remember to target each application – don’t just copy and paste details from a previous application. Have a look at our CV Guide and book a CV review appointment through Careers Gateway before submitting the final draft of your application. 

Really think about the skills that you can demonstrate to the employer to show that you are the best candidate for the project.

Am I eligible to take part?

Unless the advert states that the internship is only open to finalists or graduates (who are no longer registered with the university), all students who are registered with the university and who will remain registered with the institution for the duration of the project, are eligible to apply for student internships. However, there are a few conditions depending on your stage of study and you should check the criteria outlined on each advert closely before applying.

Full-time internships cannot be undertaken alongside courses of study or research that are active over the vacation period. If you are registered on such a course and believe that your individual circumstances enable you to complete the internship on a full-time basis you should email with an email providing specific consent to undertake the internship on a full-time basis from your tutor/supervisor at the time of application. For postgraduate students, we consider term-time to include the summer vacation; please note that postgraduate students studying on a Tier 4 student visa may not exceed 20 hours of work per week at any time during their course. 

Unfortunately, finalists expecting to continue to postgraduate study at York are not eligible to apply for summer vacation internships which continue after the date you graduate. Student status does not automatically extend over the summer.



When do projects start and how long do they last for?

All our internships, whether part or full time, last for a maximum of 12 weeks.

Vacation internships are mainly available during the summer and start dates can vary, but are mainly at the beginning of July. Most are full time but part-time projects are also available. Term-time internships generally require 8-20 hours commitment per week.

Students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week alongside their studies, however you are advised to discuss how many hours you should work with your academic supervisor. You should also consider other commitments you have within the 20 hour allowance, such as volunteering and the restrictions of your Tier 4 visa, if applicable. 

If you are successful you will be asked to provide evidence of your right to work in the UK before beginning the internship. The easiest way to do this is to present a valid passport to the Careers and Placements team.

Where will the internships be located?

The internships will mainly be in York and North Yorkshire. Most will be office based, but some can be carried out remotely from your own home or on campus - these will be advertised as virtual internships.

If you have found your own paid work experience or internship opportunity, it may be useful to contact the SIB and see if we can support the arrangement with the employer.

What support will I receive and who do I report to?

You will report to a named contact and if you are unable to work on an agreed date due to illness, you should inform this contact as well as the SIB. If you are conducting a summer vacation internship you will be invited to attend a briefing session at the end of summer term with the SIB. If you have any questions or concerns before or during your internship, please contact the SIB.

How much will I be paid?

You will be paid a minimum of £8.21 per hour, subject to tax and NI (some internships do offer more). This will be paid to you by the university who invoice the employer at a later date.

Depending on the type of internship, payments will be made on receipt of regularly submitted timesheets signed off by the employer, or automatically on a weekly basis, one week in arrears.

What are my obligations during the internship?

At the start of the internship you will be asked to sign an internship agreement - please remember that you are representing the university during your internship. As part of the opportunity, you will have to keep a learning journal of your experiences, highlighting what you have done and what skills you have developed. 

You will also be asked to write a report or produce a short video about your internship experience and may also be asked to complete a case study to inspire other students; summer internship reports/videos will be judged, and a cash prize awarded for the best report during a celebration event in the autumn term.

Application & Interview Tips

Application Tips

You will need a strong application to get through to the interview. Come and talk to us if you're in doubt - Careers drop-in available 11.00-13.00, Tuesday - Friday in term time. Here are 9 tips for making a SIB application.

  1. Tailor your application to each individual opportunity – we want to know why you want, and are the best candidate, for this specific position.

  2. Do not submit identical applications for different internships – you won’t be successful.

  3. Read the project brief carefully and research the employer – let them see you are interested in them.

  4. Have your CV reviewed by Careers and Placements.

  5. Proof read /spell check your application – this can make or break whether you are shortlisted.

  6. Do the simple things right – for example, apply by the closing date/time and follow any instructions you are given. If you are asked to complete the application form and submit a CV do just that!

  7. Don’t pretend you know everything – push your skills and knowledge, but employers may not like to be told how to run their business.

  8. Tell them a bit about yourself – most of the application should be about the job, but let them get a sense of who you are. They want to know you can do the job but they also want to know they will be able to get on with you. 

  9. Collect feedback from the SIB team following an unsuccessful application. We are here to help, so use the CV Guide on the VLE, the information on our web, etc - book an appointment to speak to someone.

Interview Help

The  Interview Guide on the VLE and covers how to prepare for different types of interview, what questions you should ask, the sorts of things you should do once the interview is over, tips on how to conquer things like nerves, how to use your body language effectively, etc

There are a range resources to use such as reading materials, audio guides and interactive pratice questions.

You can access our CV and interview guides on the VLE.

We want you to succeed and get a great internship, so check out the Student Internship Bureauget advice on CV writing and find other work experience opportunities.

Sharing Success

The Student Internship Bureau has brokered over 600 internships since 2011. Here are some examples of recent internships.

Watch the five finalists' presentations for Intern of the Year 2018, where they share their experiences and read about  how our winner, and Intern of the Year, Poppy Aston got the most out of her summer

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