Accessibility statement

What is YuFund?

YuFund exists thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends. It gives grants to developmental and community projects run by student clubs and societies, departments and colleges.

In answer to the increased need for funding from student-led projects in response to challenges posed by coronavirus, YUSU have worked to secure additional YuFund funding from the University, which will be disbursed through a dedicated YuFund: Kickstart Support round of funding in September 2020.

Applications for funding will open on 31 July 2020 and will close on 21 August 2020.

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What YuFund supports

YuFund backs projects that:

  • make opportunities equally accessible for students
  • contribute to the work of the University locally, nationally or internationally
  • contribute to student mental health or wellbeing
  • create an active creative community on campus and beyond
  • create spaces that allow students to fulfil their potential.

YuFund will typically aid projects that support the student experience through development of student-led and student support projects. In this exceptional case, funding will be available to student-led projects only, and will also be available to support operational costs.

How much can I apply for?

Applications for Student Led Project Emergency Grants will be eligible for grants of up to £250, £500 or £1,000. YUSU and GSA staff will make an assessment of your group’s level of need and make an appropriate award.

As usual with YuFund grants, the maximum award offered is £10,000.

To get backing for your project, you must submit an application by the deadline. The YuFund Disbursement Group will then consider your application and give you their decision.

Due to limited funds, YuFund cannot support every application it receives. Please make sure your application is as strong and well presented as possible. Take a look at the application guidelines, which you should read before beginning your application. We would strongly encourage that you prepare this application in a word processing document and paste it into this form.

If you have any questions, please email

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