Student Switch Off


Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is an NUS-led energy saving, recycling and student engagement competition for students living in halls of residence.

Each college is part of the competition, and the college that saves the most energy, recycles the most and has highest student engagement wins £600, with second place getting £300 and third place getting £100 for the college to spend on any student-related activity.

Throughout the year, there are also spot prizes you can win by uploading pictures of yourself and your mates saving energy on the Facebook Page.

The best way to get involved in Student Switch Off is to sign up at Fresher's Fair - look out for our stall - or join the Facebook Page and become a Student Switch Off Eco Power Ranger. It is easy to take part by simply saving energy in your halls of residence and encouraging your flatmates to do the same!

  • Wear warm clothing in winter and turn down your radiator
  • Turning off lights that aren't in use
  • Only boiling as much water as you need
  • Putting a lid on the saucepan when cooking

And any other activity which reduces the amount of energy you use!

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Student Switch Off also carries out recycling audits in halls; auditors visit each halls of residence and check to see if they are recycling correctly with successful kitchens winning chocolate. Contact your Student Switch off team via Facebook to sign up as an auditor - earn some money, gain experience for your CV and save the environment!

Alternatively become a Student Switch Off ambassador by signing up here. For more information on the ambassador challenge see here!

Taking part in these activities will help to build your skills for the York Award.  Find out more by visiting

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