Learn more about how York's Research Staff, Postdocs and Early Career Researchers are represented, and how you can get involved.

Research Staff Liaison Officers (RSLOs)

The Research Staff Liaison Officer (RSLO) role was created in 2017 to provide a link between research staff (postdocs, researchers, fellows) and the central support teams. Role holders liaise with research staff, represent the research staff community and champion issues affecting research staff. They enable the ‘lived experience’ of researchers to cascade into institutional planning and implementation of the Concordat.

Research Staff Liaison Officers 2023/24

Our current Research Staff Liaison Officers James and Heather are working with researchers across Faculties and with early career/postdoc associations, to ensure that their needs are represented at the University Research Culture Working Group and within the University's Concordat Action Plan. They also support the annual York Researcher Festival.

James is a Research Fellow who has worked at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in the Department of Chemistry for 10 years. His research involves the development of safer and more sustainable chemicals. James has experience working in large interdisciplinary projects and sitting on departmental and European policy making committees, which he puts to good use as a Research Staff Liaison Officer. He is very keen to hear the perspectives of researchers from across the University and implement measures and activities to enhance our work experience. James started as an RSLO in 2022/23, and has continued into 2023/24.

Dr James Sherwood

Heather is an applied health services researcher in York Trials Unit at the University of York. She is a qualitative researcher working on stand-alone qualitative projects, process evaluations and running qualitative studies alongside trials. She has experience in oral health, orthopaedics, medical education and primary education. Alongside this, she is passionate about supporting researchers and ensuring researchers' voices are heard. Heather started as an RSLO in 2021/22 and has continued through to 2023/24.

Previous RSLOs

  • Dr James Sherwood
  • Dr Heather Leggett
  • Dr Kamilla Laidlaw
  • Dr Jen Chubb
  • Dr Heather Leggett
  • Dr Louise Newbould
  • Dr Gae Spedalieri
  • Dr Fan Yang
  • Dr Rachel Carr
  • Dr Noortje Uphoff
  • Dr Vijay Gc
  • Dr Mia Shandell
  • Dr Francina Clayton
  • Dr Namrata Ravichandra Ganneri

The role's main responsibilities are to:

  • Actively engage with research staff via Department and School-based Research Staff Associations, gathering input and perspectives from these groups and the wider research staff community.
  • Facilitate the transfer of researcher perspectives to both the BRIC team and the Research Culture Working Group to enhance research culture and support for researchers at York. 
  • Contribute to University-level strategic projects to support research culture and the professional development of researchers. For example, contributing to annual events such as the York Researcher Festival and Celebrating Spaces: Connecting Researchers, and other initiatives to make our research environment and culture as inclusive, supportive and productive as possible.

Departments with Research Staff Associations

Below is a list of Research Staff Associations at the University of York. If you are part of a Research Staff Association that isn't listed below, or any of the details need amending, please contact bric@york.ac.uk.

Department Group name Contact

Archaeology postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

Akinbowale Akintayo, akinbowale.akintayo@york.ac.uk

Lizzie Wright, l.wright@york.ac.uk


Biology post-doc Society

More information on Biology Post-Doc Society (PDF , 171kb)

Centre for Health Economics CHE Early Career Researcher Forum

Sebastian Hinde, sebastian.hinde@york.ac.uk

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination CRD Researchers' meeting

Lucy Beresford, lucy.beresford@york.ac.uk

Chemistry Chemistry Post-Doc Society 

Leonie Jones, leonie.jones@york.ac.uk

Mia Shandell, mia.shandell@york.ac.uk

Alyssa Avestro, alyssa-jennifer.avestro@york.ac.uk

Computer Science  

Ibrahim Habli, ibrahim.habli@york.ac.uk 

Education  Education Early Career Researchers Forum

Giulia Bovolenta, giulia.bovolenta@york.ac.uk

English and Related Literature Early Career Group

Ezra Horbury, Ezra.horbury@york.ac.uk

Environment and Geography Environment and Geography Early Career Researchers Forum

Jessica Slater, jessica.slater@york.ac.uk

Michael Cooper, michael.cooper@york.ac.uk

Health Sciences Health Sciences Contract Researchers' Forum

Faraz Siddiqui, faraz.siddiqui@york.ac.uk

Masuma Mishu, masuma.mishu@york.ac.uk


Rachel Delman, rachel.delman@york.ac.uk

Hull York Medical School via Health Sciences Contract Researchers' Forum  
Institute for Safe Autonomy   Fanta Camara, fanta.camara@york.ac.uk
Language and Linguistic Science   Jessica Wormald, jessica.wormald@york.ac.uk

Psychology early Career Researchers Forum

Good Practice Example from the Department of Psychology (PDF , 144kb)

Alex Pike, alex.pike@york.ac.uk


School of Arts and Creative Technologies  


School for Business and Society Research Forum

Tina Kowalski, tina.kowalski@york.ac.uk (Management)

Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey, elizabeth.bailey@york.ac.uk (Social Policy)

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology PET Early Career Researcher Forum

Physics: Alex Payne-Dwyer, alex.payne-dwyer@york.ac.uk
Engineering: Nils Morozs, nils.morozs@york.ac.uk


Sheila Davitt, sheila.davitt@york.ac.uk

Merran Toerien, merran.toerien@york.ac.uk