The Research Culture Working Group (RCWG) is a subgroup of the University’s Culture & Community Steering Group, which is tasked with providing overarching strategic leadership for ensuring a collaborative, supportive and inclusive institutional culture at York. 

The RCWG provides direction and oversight for activities related to research culture, including the creation, implementation and monitoring of a new University of York Research Culture Action Plan.


The Research Culture Working Group is made up of staff and students from across the University, including the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Dean of the York Graduate Research School, and the Researcher Development and Culture Manager, in addition to a variety of representatives including academics, professional support staff, technicians and Postgraduate Researchers.

Other members of the research community - including those with expertise in knowledge exchange, research development, research integrity, and communications and external relations - will be included in RCWG meetings as required.

A full list of current members can be found in the Terms of Reference below.

Meeting dates

  • 25 October 2022
  • 24 November 2022
  • 22 January 2023
  • 2 March 2023
  • 18 April 2023
  • 16 May 2023
  • 29 June 2023
  • 5 October 2023
  • 7 November 2023
  • 17 January 2024
  • 12 March 2024
  • 2 May 2024
  • 2 July 2024