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Research Culture

Building an environment where people can thrive and where research is conducted to the highest standards of integrity.

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The University’s Strategy outlines a commitment to the development of an institutional culture that ‘promotes ambition, collective purpose, courage and the continued improvement of all that we do’ and to enabling the development of a community ‘without limits’.  In the context of research, this means building an environment where people can thrive and where research is conducted to the highest standards of integrity

Working together as a university community, we can bring about change to make our research environment as healthy and productive as possible. Research culture at York is a collective endeavour, uniting our academic staff, research students, and professional services staff to find ways to celebrate and build on our strengths and to find solutions where we identify gaps and challenges.

Building and maintaining a healthy research culture is an ongoing task: we will respond to the requirements of our research community, HE environments, and wider society, as we adapt to new needs and opportunities as they arise.

As a signatory to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, DORA and the Technician Commitment, and through our Bronze Athena Swan award, we have already pledged to develop an inclusive and supportive research environment at York. We have established a Research Culture Working Group, bringing together established and early career staff from across the three Faculties and our professional services, to build on these commitments. 

Further information on future research culture events, activities, plans and opportunities will be published here. To get involved, or if you have any questions about research culture, please contact us.

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News and Events

Upcoming Research Culture Cafés

Our Research Culture Cafés are an opportunity for our Research Communities to informally raise issues, highlight best practice, and share thoughts and ideas about research culture at York.

If you run a group which would like to host a Research Culture Café please get in touch -


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