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Covid-19 - what’s your story?

Posted on 21 June 2021

If you're a member of the University community, we want to know how Covid-19 impacted your life.

We are inviting you to show us how you have been affected through the use of creative media, which may include - but not limited to - photography, artwork, poetry, music, performance or film.

We'd like to learn about your experiences and stories and ask:

  • What are the challenges that you have faced, and, perhaps, how have you dealt with them?
  • What has been your experience of the York community over the past months?
  • How have you maintained connections with other people and built new relationships?

The pandemic lockdowns and restrictions have reshaped our life at the University and we want to understand its impact on our different communities. The creative submissions will be used to represent the diverse experiences, forming a live archive that will enable us to curate exhibitions, inform university policy, and better engage with our different communities.

Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement said:

“This exciting project is an opportunity for staff, students and members of the wider community of the University of York to share their stories of how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their lives. Research has shown that the pandemic has heightened existing inequalities and has disproportionately hit marginalized groups of people.

Through various forms of artistic engagement, creativity and stories, we want to achieve a deeper understanding of the impact of the pandemic on our diverse communities in order to learn, develop and co-design future interventions that continue to make a measurable difference.”

We hope you will feel inspired to participate - find out more and submit your story.