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Placements. Social Policy and Applied Social Science. Voluntary organisation working with children who go missing from home. Photo of a pedestrian sign on ground (cc)

It was interesting to understand the dynamics of this service (a voluntary organisation working with children who go missing from home) and how their role fitted in with other agencies. It was also insightful to see how national policies were being implemented to meet national and local objectives and how this is applied within practice.

The main thing which I learnt from this service was the importance of attachment and how this concept should be fitted within policies and practice to ensure full child development. I found it curious that this was not in place, especially for the children in care as this is otherwise their parent's responsibility. However, I believe the case load which each case worker has may have an impact on this service due to level of notifications. The consequence of this is that the amount of direct work and support may be limited, in face value constraining the achievements and goals of this service. On the other hand, I would argue that this service provides a new approach through their direct work which essentially promotes safeguarding and early intervention, through the enforcements of national and local policies.

Louise Bates, BA Social Policy (Children and Young People)

Placements for Social Policy and Applied Social Science

Louise's experience is just one example of the placements that students arrange in their final year on our BA Social Policy (Children and Young People) programme. Placement opportunities will vary each year, but each will allow you to see the relationship between policy and practice, and perhaps give you an insight into a future career.