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Placements. Social Policy and Applied Social Science. Charity whose mission is to promote social inclusion to vulnerable young people. Photo of two young people on a bench (cc)

Janice Moore

It was evident that the charity is very committed to supporting young care leavers during their transitions to adulthood with particular focus on health and well-being through housing related support. I observed the high standard of 'corporate parenting' at the hostel and this made me consider that the success of the Care Leaver Strategy is dependent upon services being tailored to individual needs alongside successful multi-agency working to address all aspects of a young person's life. However, I found it interesting that the levels of support varied considerably between the two hostels within the two different local authority areas. This awareness made me consider that pressures of workload along with supporting customers who are classified as high need may make it more difficult to exceed the requirements outlined in policy. Nevertheless, the commitment of staff to overcome challenges was observed and I have since found out that one of the hostels will be undergoing an intensive refurbishment which may positively impact upon the young people as they will be involved throughout the project.

I thoroughly enjoyed the placement and the opportunity to observe policy being implemented in practice developed my awareness of the challenges professionals face in supporting young care leavers during their transitions to adulthood. I have since returned to the hostel in the role of a volunteer where I am hoping my insights into the processes of transitions for care leavers will be enhanced further.

Janice Moore, BA Social Policy (Children and Young People)

Placements for Social Policy and Applied Social Science

Janice's experience is just one example of the placements that students arrange in their final year on our BA Social Policy (Children and Young People) programme. Placement opportunities will vary each year, but each will allow you to see the relationship between policy and practice, and perhaps give you an insight into a future career.