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Placement experience

Placements. Social Policy & Social Work. Observation of two Crown Courts. Photo of Lady Justice atop Old Bailey (cc) Matt Cornock.

Christina Timson

The learning outcomes I gained from this method of study are distinctive... the confidence to access court, point out the distinctive roles in the courtroom, communication skills, the fear and intimidation that occurs inside court, the technological advances. Overall, I feel this method of study was a new, beneficial learning experience that really managed to grasp an understanding of the Criminal justice system.  I witnessed a lot of contradictions to policy aims and I also managed to observe things that confirmed my understanding.

Christina Timson, BA Social Policy (Crime and Criminal Justice)

Placements for Social Policy and Applied Social Science

Christina's experience is just one example of the placements that students arrange in their final year on our BA Social Policy (Crime and Criminal Justice) programme. Placement opportunities will vary each year, but each will allow you to see the relationship between policy and practice, and perhaps give you an insight into a future career.