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Creating Change at Organisational and National Level: What makes the difference?

Tuesday 14 March 2017, 12.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Pat O'Connor from the University of Limerick

This is the University's next Athena Swan Forum:

The talk will focus on the importance of leadership - including both those in formal positions of leadership and informal gender champions - in moving a gender agenda forward.

Drawing on both the literature and Professor O’Connor’s 20 years’ experience in the area, it will identify the kinds of strategies used by informal gender champions; the role played by formal leaders and the synergies between them in increasing the proportion of women at (full) professorial level in one university from zero in 1997 to 34% in 2014.

It will also highlight the limitations of such change. At national level it will explore the factors that culminated in the National Review of Gender Equality in Irish Higher Education Institutions (2016). It will identify the key characteristics of the report and its current stage of implementation.

Finally, Prof. O'Connor will briefly discuss some examples of best practice internationally and will tease out their implications as regards the embedding of sustainable change in the promotion of a gender agenda.

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Location: Derwent College, room D/L/002

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