Department Scholarships and Master Class Research Placements

The Physics Academic Excellence Scholarships are designed to recognise and reward academic achievement. The scholarship offers £1000 for newly enrolled students who achieve an A* or equivalent in Mathematics or Physics and select York as their firm institution when applying through UCAS. This scholarship is renewable annually and is subject to attaining full credits and an overall year mark of 70% or higher in the first attempt.

In addition, any student who joins the Department of Physics having achieved an A* or equivalent in Mathematics or Physics and maintains an overall Year Mark of 70% or higher in the first attempt is guaranteed a Master Class Research Placement. This unique research master class is a paid placement with one our research groups in the Department of Physics and can be taken during a summer of your choosing.

These scholarships and master class research placements are available to UK, EU and International students entering into the first year of study.


Foundation Year Bursary 2018/19

The Foundation Year Bursary is a means-tested fee waiver for UK and EU students on the first year of a Foundation Year degree (Year 0). BScc Physics with a Foundation Year who have a residual household income is £25,000 or less are eligible for a £5,600 fee waiver, while those with £25,001 or more will be eligible for a £3,000 fee waiver.

Your eligibility will be assessed on the basis of your residual household income using the information supplied in your application for Student Loans. If you or your parents withhold your consent to share financial information on your Student Loans application, we will not be able to confirm your eligibility for the bursary.