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Experimental Physics experiment conducted by physics student Nikki

First year Physics students working in the lab

First Year Astrophysics Lab Experiment demonstration by students

First Year Laboratory Experiment with Physics Student Mike


Physics studies the fundamental forces of the Universe and the nature of waves, particles, and the structure of matter. You will learn about systems that are near absolute zero or as hot as the core of a Supervova, systems with energies ranging from those important to chemical reactions to the energy scale of nuclear reactions, systems with densities as low as the vacuum of space to as high as nuclear matter and neutron stars. You can investigate subjects like nanosystems, semiconductors, fusion plasmas, aspects of biophysics, quantum computing, and quantum states in nature.

We believe that undergraduate Physics students should experience both the breadth and depth of what is a highly complex and very rewarding subject. The single-subject Physics degree programmes are a balance of core physics, mathematics, experimental laboratories and professional skills activities together with optional modules focusing on particular areas of modern physics.

You will develop a deep knowledge of our core physics and maths while learning to be a scientist able to perform research activities, analyse complex situations, assess a variety of problems and propose real-world solutions. Your well-rounded training, accumulation of professional skills and scientific background will enable you to pursue a variety of professional careers.

Available Undergraduate Physics courses include: 

Our degree programmes are offered as a four year Integrated Masters course (MPhys) or three year Bachelors course (BSc) and can be studied with an optional Year Abroad.

For further inforamtion on choosing your course see our Studying Physics guide.

For students applying with non-standard entry requirements we also offer limited and alternative study routes into our degree programmes via our Foundation Year and OpenPlus scheme. 

All our programmes are accredited by the Institute of Physics




Our department is rapidly expanding with world leading in key areas of Physics.


Over 80 per cent of graduates are in employment or further study after six months of graduating.

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