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We are proud of our Department, but think it best to let our students tell you about it:

BA Philosophy

Jessica Moore what our students say (c) Ian Martindale

I totally recommend coming to York to study Philosophy! York feels like a real home to me now and I have loved the course.

I cannot commend the teaching staff highly enough; I have never had to wait for more than a day for an email response and when I have gone up to the Department I have always found someone to help me with any queries that I have. On top of this the teaching standard has been so good; the course progresses at a pace that challenges you at the same time as allowing you time to explore areas that interest you.

I cannot commend the teaching staff highly enough.

The University campus is a great place to live in the first year; the collegiate system really helps you to bond with those around you (as well as inspiring a bit of healthy competition and camaraderie!) and the campus bars are perfect places to hang out in the evening. York is such a beautiful city and the campus being so close to the city, but not in the middle of it, is ideal. Nights out are great and if you fancy a big city then it's only twenty minutes on the train to Leeds

BA Philosophy

I have enjoyed studying Philosophy at York for the past three years but in particular my third year stands out to me. The range of module options gave me the freedom to select the topics which I was most interested in; for me that was Philosophy of Christianity. I was able to look in depth at the philosophical problem of the trinity and further my understanding in an advanced module on the same area. 

York offers a versatile range of topics, each with a high level of expertise.

I felt supported throughout my degree by the Philosophy Department as, alongside lectures and seminars, lecturers offer a schedule of office hours to discuss any concerns or questions which has been particularly useful. 

I chose to attend York mainly due to the vibrant culture of the city, and spending time exploring has certainly lived up to this expectation. The city offers endless cobbled streets of boutiques, cafés and restaurants - so many of which I never got round to visiting! 

BA Philosophy

Staff always want their students to achieve the best they can. While university involves independent study, staff offer further academic help through their office hours, while the supervisor system is an ideal mechanism for supporting students pastorally.

All of the lecturers teach with such enthusiasm and interest that lectures are always fascinating. Not only do they direct students towards what they need to know and what is vital for their study, but always provide further avenues of interest or readings that go beyond the lectures.

I think what I most enjoy is a mixture of the social life that university enables, and the library facilities. The societies, clubs and organizations have allowed me to express myself through comedy, drama, sport and also meet like minded people. At the other end of the spectrum perhaps, I relish going to the library at the university simply due to the range of literature there and all the opportunities for academic exploration.

BA Philosophy

One of things I remember most fondly about York is the staff at the philosophy department. It was such an honour to have had the opportunity to discuss, debate and bounce ideas off of them. There is this culture of openness that I think really characterises the department; lecturers want their students to speak and challenge them.

What I loved most was that no matter how experienced my tutors/lecturers were, I was always made to feel as though my thoughts really mattered. This, to me, was the single most important aspect of my academic studies- it has given me the ability to not only have an opinion, but feel confident in expressing my opinions around people that are far more experienced than me.

BA English and Philosophy

I have always been fascinated by the mysteries that our world and universe entails. So I chose this course to broaden my knowledge and explore new areas of Philosophy. Also, I felt that studying Philosophy would offer me a range of skills that I will require for my future career.

Other universities seemed to specialise in a particular field of Philosophy, whereas York offers a versatile range of topics, each with a high level of expertise. As a combined student I had to divide my modules, but I ended up choosing more Philosophy because I love the course so much!

Being a Philosophy student has been a great experience at York. Because it is quite a small university you always see people you know around campus. The teaching staff are always friendly and more than happy to answer questions: they are quick to respond to e-mails and will help you at any time. The seminars are always taught in a relaxed environment in small numbers which encourages open discussion and some very exciting debates!

The city of York also played a big part in my choice. On the one hand the city is beautiful and historical with quaint tea shops, whereas on the other it offers a varied club scene, quirky bars and real ale pubs. There is also a park, a river and endless coffee shops to study in!