Postgraduate Diploma in Music

The Postgraduate Diploma is a year-long programme of study. You will complete three projects, centring around your own musical interests (performance, composition, musicology, etc) with class teaching and authoritative guidance from academics and professional musicians and access to our excellent facilities. The Diploma is available in the following pathways:

You will be taught alongside MA students, but the Postgraduate Diploma is a 120 credit degree rather than the 180 credits of an MA.

Course structure

Typically there are around six postgraduate students working with a particular supervisor on a pathway, and during the year you will concentrate on your own particular projects. There are no major pieces of work thrust upon you that do not respect the independent nature of your pursuits. Instead, you produce guided Projects for the first two terms and an Independent Project during the summer term and summer vacation.

Whilst your projects may be creative in nature, a postgraduate degree requires you to reflect critically and academically on your creative process. You’ll therefore also be studying for a module in Critical Reflection on Musical Practice as part of your Diploma.

How to Apply

You can apply for this course using our online application system.

If you've not already done so, please read the application guidance first so that you understand the various steps in the application process.

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