Gamelan Sekar Petak

Gamelan teaches you many transferable skills which are useful for any musician. Being able to play in an ensemble and your memory skills really develop if you come to Gamelan! It’s a great opportunity to learn something new whilst experiencing different rehearsal vibes to those of your typical Western Classical rehearsals. 

Joe, 2nd year undergraduate

Gamelan Sekar Petak first assembled at the University of York in 1981. The orchestra of gongs and metallophones (as well as other instruments) originates from the islands of Bali and Java and was named "Sekar Petak" ("white rose") in honour of York's white flower symbol.

The ensemble is the first purpose-built gamelan in a British university, and often serves an educational role in the department as well as in schools in the York community. The group has toured the country extensively and made appearances for children's programmes on BBC TV and ITV.

Gamelan Sekar Petak is open to all members of the University without audition.