Early Career Research Fellowship applications

How can we help?

We can provide support for the development of your Fellowship application. This support can include:

  • arranging for discussions/meetings with appropriate academic staff
  • organising constructive comments from peer reviewers
  • arranging contact with specialists in intellectual property etc.
  • administrative support.

In some cases, we can also support visits to the Department to allow Fellowship applicants to spend focused time on developing their proposal in collaboration with both academic and administrative staff: this is via the York Mathematics Fellowship Development Bursary.

What next?

If you are interested in developing a Fellowship application with us, please first contact the member of staff in the department who you would like to act as an academic mentor/supervisor for your project (see our staff list).

You can then complete this enquiry form, which asks for a short Research Outline (a maximum of approximately one page of A4), your Academic CV, and explanation of why our department would be an ideal place to conduct your proposed project.

If you have any questions about holding a fellowship with our department, including advice on the structure of our research groups, please contact: maths-research@york.ac.uk.

Next steps