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Accounting and Finance

Always aiming to achieve excellence in research and teaching for our students and colleagues, the School and wider University, we have a reputation for friendly and supportive high quality diligence and delivery.

We are an outward-looking group with a great community feel. Whether you are an academic, practitioner, current student or potential student who is interested in what we are doing, you are very welcome to email or call anyone in the group at any time.


We are engaged in a diverse range of accounting and finance research, much of which has a connection to risk. We subscribe to Datastream and CRSP/Compustat databases.

  • Accounting research includes – risk disclosure, financial performance and disclosure practices, development of accounting professions, risk management and risk culture, accounting history and accounting education, public sector procurement.
  • Finance research includes – stock market forecasts, CEO overconfidence, stock market inefficiency, investment under uncertainty, structural change tests and behavioural macroeconomics, high frequency trading, IPOs, bubbles, timing games.
  • Actuarial research includes - quantitative risk management for Solvency II, valuation of complex insurance liabilities, model validation, extreme risks and correlated risks, Monte Carlo methods, time to event models. 

European Risk Research Network (ERRN)

The ERRN was established in 2006 with the aim of stimulating cross disciplinary research in the area of risk management and providing an exceptional training ground for the next generation of academic researchers, regulators and practitioners.

Professor Philip Linsley is the currently ERRN Co-ordinator.  More details.

Impact and engagement

We have close links with professional accounting bodies and other related organisations. We have contribute to thought leadership projects in risk management and risk culture for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Institute for Risk Management (IRM) respectively.

We were also instrumental in assisting students setting up the Griff Fund Investment Society. The first student-led university investment fund in the UK, the society received £10,000 sponsorship from Paul Griffiths, a University of York alumnus and City investor, with which to make real money investments and offer invaluable experience of ‘real world’ investment management. All profits are donated to student bursaries and societies.


We have a reputation for high-quality teaching. We are committed to ensuring students are able to fully understand all aspects of the technically-demanding subjects of accounting, finance and actuarial science to the highest level. 

At undergraduate level, we are responsible for delivering the BSc degree in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. This degree not only provides students with a thorough grounding in Accounting and Finance but also embeds this within the context of Management and Business. This context is important for understanding why Accounting and Finance is vital to organisations. Students are also able to undertake a placement year as part of the programme. Accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

We also deliver the BSc degree in Actuarial ScienceThis degree combines the expertise of the York Management School and the Department of Mathematics, giving you access to world-class academics at the cutting edge of research in their fields. You'll learn to develop mathematical models to manage the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Students are also able to undertake a placement year as part of the programme. Accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

At postgraduate level, the group delivers two Masters programmes - an MSc in Accounting and Financial Management and an MSc in Management with Business Finance. A range of modules are delivered in this degree and include: Advanced Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Financial Strategy and Governance, Accounting and Risk, Advanced Management Accounting, Managing Public Finances, Financial Markets and Investments.

Doctoral Students

We welcome PhD applications in any of our research areas or allied to our related research interests; further information is found on our staff profiles. See our current Doctoral students.

Featured PhD Topics

Khalsa Al-Akhzami
Professional scepticism and auditors: moral reasoning and decision making
Khalsa is researching auditors’ professional scepticism, which is an important and currently debated aspect of audit quality.  Her research investigates the relationship between auditors’ scepticism and their moral reasoning, using questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.  Combining interviews with UK audit practitioners and regulators with larger scale survey data, this study provides an insight into current audit practice.  Khalsa’s research is one of few studies to investigate the correlation between professional scepticism and moral reasoning.  It contributes to current knowledge by creating a deeper understanding of auditors’ decision-making and creates opportunities to enhance auditor training.

Zhen He
Zhen's research focuses on the role of gold in the financial markets, where he is trying to understand whether gold can serve as a safe haven or a hedge for stock market risk. He is using the Capital Asset Pricing Model remodeled using a Markov-switching.