Broadly speaking, this group is concerned with decision making by all actors or stakeholders within the business management context.

Heads of Group:  Dr Luisa Huatuco and Dr David Rowe

Our work covers management at all levels and in all types of organisations (MNE, SME, social enterprise, third sector etc), the employees within them and the consumers or citizens they work with. We examine the networks, suppliers, customers and consumers, that cut across organisations and sectors outside the firms’ boundaries. The group's work also examines the social, political and economic contexts, market trends and emerging issues in which decisions happen, the interactions between all stakeholders and stimulation of innovation to develop new products, services and processes.

In doing so, we aim to understand, provide innovative solutions to and provide an analytical perspective on business management operations and problems. From this perspective, improving firm performance and consumers' experiences, both financially and socially, is a key aim.

Many of the group’s members come from operational, applied or practice-based sub-disciplines such as marketing, operations, supply chain, people management/applied HRM but the group is certainly not restricted to these.

Our teaching reflects a research-based approach encompassing the aspects outlined above.

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