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Dr David Rowe
Lecturer in Marketing



Dr David Rowe joined the University of York in 2022 following the successful completion of his PhD at the University of Leeds: Marketing Sexual Health in Britain: Visual and Commercial Lives of Infection, 1913-1996. His PhD was fully-funded through a UKRI competitive scholarship.

David’s research interests focus predominantly on marketing communications in both contemporary and historical settings. His work looks in particular at the contexts of public health and sexual health, specifically the role that advertising and public health stakeholders play within public health marketing. In addition, David has research expertise in consumer culture, including work that examines shifts in consumption due to political, social, and economic change. Prior to following an academic path David worked for several years in industry.

David utilises a qualitative, historical interdisciplinary research approach and this, together with his industry background, enlivens his teaching and research to illustrate elements of marketing theory and practice. 

Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing



David’s research focuses on the impact that marketing can have on society, including issues of equality, stigma, and discrimination. His research examines how these issues are reproduced by discourses and representations presented through marketing communications, and the various ways that social and health marketing can influence policy in these areas. David uses a range of interdisciplinary approaches in his research, including qualitative and historical, that have the potential to cross-fertilise and enhance many sectors within the broad scope of marketing.

David welcomes collaborations and PhD projects either in contemporary or historical settings within the areas of sexual health promotion and marketing; public health marketing; social marketing; marketing and public policy.  In addition to these areas David is also interested in advertising and marketing communications projects that would investigate representations used within various forms of marketing communication outputs and their implications in practice.


Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal papers

(2021) (Invisible) Displays of Survivalist Intensive Motherhood among UK Brexit Preppers, Sociology, with Kerrane, B., Kerrane, K., Bettany, S.

(2022) Crossing Wires: Short-Circuiting the Hierarchies of Sexual Knowledge, Marketing Theory, with Coffin, J., Eichert, C, et al

(2022) ‘Stigmas that matter: diffracting marketing stigma theoretics’, Marketing Theory, with Bettany, S., Coffin, J., and Eichert, C.

Peer-reviewed conference papers

(2022) 'Comfort, pleasure and schadenfreude: extending affect into neutralisation theory among UK Brexit prepping consumers in crisis', 2022 American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference, Las Vegas, with Bettany, S., Kerrane, B., and Kerrane, K.

(2017) Who are you calling gay? Theorizing disidentification within cultural conceptualizations of sexual health risk in men who have covert sex with men (MCSM), Consumer Culture Theory Conference, July, Anaheim, California, with Bettany, S., (peer-reviewed competitive paper)

(2016) Targeting Dis-Identification Strategies with Consumer Communications: the Case of Sexual Health Risk in Men Who Have Covert Sex With Men (MCSM). Advances in Consumer Research Volume 42 Baltimore with Bettany, S.

(2016) Theorizing the post-gay revolution in consumer cultures of non-heterosexuality: radical market de-homogenization, fragmentation, dissolution and resistance. Special Session. Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Lille, France with Bettany, S., Veer, E., Kaur, P., Coffin, J., and Eichert, C., (Peer reviewed special session, awarded runner-up best special session)

(2015) The politics of in/appropriated others: moving beyond the vulnerable consumer in the LGBT market/movement, Macromarketing Conference, Chicago, with Bettany, S.


Other teaching

David uses his research and industry experience to inform and illustrate his teaching. Having taken a non-traditional route into higher education David is passionate about developing students from a diverse range of backgrounds to enable them to transform their lives.

David has taught postgraduate and undergraduate students in a range of marketing areas such as:
• Marketing communications
• Understanding the customer journey
• Practical marketing
• Contemporary consumer behaviour
• Ethical marketing and sustainability

David Rowe

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