The York Management School Summer Conference 26-27 June 2018

Tuesday 26 June 2018, 9.31AM to 4.30pm 27 June

Picture of York Management School Building

26 June 2018, 09:30 -17:00


Welcome and Introduction


Session 1 LMB 030 & 031

Chair: TBA

  1. Prof. Mark Freeman:
    The Rational Policy Maker?
  2. Runqing Tan:
    The effect of ambiguity on the UK stock market: evidence from a new empirical approach




Session 2A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Fergal O’Connor

  1. Meng Liu:
    Capital structure decisions of Islamic banks
  2. Dr. Adriana Cornea Madeira:
    Bootstrap tests for integer-valued GARCH, Models with Covariates
  3. Neytullah Ciftci:
    Mergers and acquisitions and financial constraints

Session 2B LMB/002X

Chair: Dr. Philip Garnett

  1. Dr. Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez:
    Cosmetic surgery: A catalyst for changes to the self and materialist consumption
  2. Yufei Huang:
    What motivates people to create electronic word-of-mouth on social networking sites
  3. Dr. Snehasish Banerjee:
    Rumors and rumor corrections on Twitter: Studying message characteristics and opinion leadership


Networking Lunch


Session 3A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Snehasish Banerjee

  1. Almoataz Hassan:
    The impact of entrepreneurial orientation on marketing for SMEs in emerging economies
  2. Prof. Teresa da Silva Lopes:
    Imitation in global business
  3. Jing Han:
    Counterfeiting strategies and brand protection in China

Session 3B LMB/002X  

Chair: Dr. Tina Kowalski

  1. Clare Young:
    An exploratory, comparative study of how HR practitioners approach employment law matters and compliance in the UK and Australia
  2. Dr. Alison J. Glaister:
    Institutional logics and the shapers of talent management in Oman
  3. Sudthasiri Siriviriyakul:
    The impact of multiple institutional logics on professional identity of auditors


Coffee Break


Session 4A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Carolyn Hunter

  1. Amy (Thuy-Linh) Nguyen:
    Inward foreign direct investment & intellectual property strategy for multinational enterprises – the case of Vietnam
  2. La Ode Sabaruddin:
    Is Business model innovation always a good thing? An exploratory study into the dark side of business model innovation

Session 4B LMB/002X

Chair: TBA

  1. Kiev Ariza Garcia:
    Legitimacy and the profit motive in higher education
  2. Dr. Chris Corker:
    The evolution of business activities and organizational form in the 18th century: A case study of John Kenyon and Co of Sheffield

27 June 2018, 9:30 -17:00





Session 5A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Alison J. Glaister

  1. Dr. Carolyn Hunter:
    Enchantment and nostalgia in writing childhoods
  2. Ruby Christine Mathew:
    Working mothers. Careers and the challenges of balance: Evidence from UK Academic lives
  3. Prof. Stephen Linstead:
    A touch of class: Masculinity, social mobility, and embodiment in a Feminized occupation

Session 5B LMB/002X

Chair: TBA

  1. Susan Moore:
    Consumer confidence in the UK food system: Forecast futures
  2. Dr. Kim Loader:
    Exploring the relationship between sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable public procurement
  3. Raghad Alsudays:
    The disclosure of eco-justice issues in CSR reports: evidence from Saudi Arabia


Coffee Break


Session 6A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Prof. Bill Cooke

  1. Dr. Shane Hamilton:
    Periodizing entrepreneurial collaboration:
    A comparative history of architecture and the space of experience in the US and UK poultry sectors, 1920-1990
  2. Dr. Beatrice D’Ippolito:
    Research collaboration in large scale research infrastructures: Collaboration types and policy implications

Session 6B LMB/002X

Chair: Dr. Fergal O’Connor

  1. Prof. Jacco Thijssen:
    On the value of the option to abandon a construction project of uncertain duration
  2. Abdulmajeed Alshammari:
    The determinants of financial inclusion in Saudi Arabia: an analysis of SEMs barriers to financial services


Networking Lunch


Session 7A LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Alex Gillett

  1. Bill Cooke:
    Kurt Lewin’s 1946 new Britain thinking: Framing a foundation event in management history
  2. Simon Mollan:
    “Theory” from (Latin American) history: place, personalities and politics in the development of the theory of “Business Imperialism”

Session 7B LMB/002X

Chair: Prof. Jacco Thijssen

  1. Zhen He:
    Testing gold as the zero-beta asset (risk-free asset)
  2. Dr. Fergal O’Connor:
    Gold hoarding by British investors before WWII: Were they looking for a hedge and safe haven for their investment?


Coffee Break


Session 8: PLENARY LMB/030 & 031

Chair: Dr. Lynne Baxter

  1. Benjamin Richards:
    The social and rhetorical organization of the past as fantasy
  2. Nicola Forsdike:
    Unintended consequences? Organizational change and management capability


Commentary and Closing Thoughts


1.     Prof. Jacco Thijssen:

On the value of the option to abandon a construction project of uncertain duration

Location: LMB/002X & LMB/030 & 031