Accessibility statement

Study spaces

Socially distanced study spaces in the library

There are currently several hundred socially-distanced single study spaces available to book across the Library and other University buildings, the majority of which can be reserved through the study space bookings calendar.

You can visit the libraries to borrow and return items or use the printers without a booking. To study in the Library you need to reserve a study space. Please do sit in the seat you've booked and leave at the allotted time, and don't forget to cancel your booking using the link in the confirmation email if it turns out you don't need it after all. We appreciatr it!

There are no group study areas currently available in the library - this may change later in the year but for now all bookable spaces are for single study. We strongly recommend you wear your face covering when visiting our buildings.

Booking a study space

The Morrell, Fairhurst and Burton

Use our study space bookings calendar to book a space in the main library on Campus West. This area has our largest number of bookable seats, with all three libraries offering single-study spaces in full-day, half-day and two to three hour versions, seven days a week. All our study spaces are very popular and you can book up to three days in advance.

Both the Morrell and the Fairhurst offer single study rooms and accessible study spaces, as well as single study spaces in shared areas. 

Use the Filter on the Room Bookings page to select the kind of booking you’d like. For example you can choose an Accessible space, or a Video call room suitable for making Zoom calls or taking part in online seminars. You can choose various time-slots such as Morning, Evening, Short Stay or Long Stay. You can choose spaces with a Mac or a PC. 

King’s Manor

King’s Manor Library offers single study spaces and an accessible study space. You can also book seminar rooms elsewhere in King's Manor.

The Piazza Building

There are several single-study spaces which you can book in the Library@Piazza on Campus East. These are available seven days a week. There are now 27 bookable seats elsewhere in the Piazza Building too. 

Other University study spaces

You can book individual spaces in spare meeting rooms, when available, via the Facilities Helpdesk.

Taking a break

There places around the University to take a break and get food and drink, and you can see a list of opening times on the Eat At York web pages.

Other useful information

If you're planning to study in the Library, please be aware it may be a little chillier than usual. Due to infection control, we're not able to offer blankets to loan and need to keep the buildings well ventilated, so if you do feel the cold, please wrap up warm.

Here are some final things you may wish to know:

  • There are currently no limits to the number of spaces you can book per week.
  • The Library is fully cleaned every day before opening. Cleaning materials are also provided for you to clean your study space before and after use.
  • We cannot offer group study (even to people who live together): sorry about this, but it is single-study only for now.

If you can’t currently study in the Library but miss the atmosphere…

We’ve had a lot of feedback from students that our two-hour Study With Me video, capturing the sounds of the Morrell top floor, has helped them concentrate when they can’t visit the Library. If you miss the Library, or just need some background noise to help you study, try putting this on and see if it works for you.

If you’d like images of the Library through the ages to use as Zoom backgrounds, or to leave us feedback on our virtual feedback wall, head to our Library Home From Home page.