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Graduate Teaching Assistants in the Law School teaching undergraduate law students

Posted on 12 August 2019

The department is seeking for Graduate Teaching Assistants who may be able to assist in the delivery of some of the following positions for 2019-20:

  • Interim Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutors:
    • Interim PBL tutors will facilitate the learning of undergraduate LLB students in the Year 1 modules Foundations of Law 1 and Foundations in Law 2 and the Year 2 modules Foundations in Law 3 and Foundations in Law 4. Interim tutors provide particular support in academic legal research skills across the areas of the law of obligations, property, public, EU law and criminal law
    • Interim PBL sessions are currently timetabled to take place in most weeks of Terms 1 and 2 on Tuesday afternoons (for Year 1 students) and on Fridays (for Year 2 students)
    • Interim tutors are expected to have experience or understanding of Problem-Based Learning delivery.
  • Tutor(s) for Introduction to Law and Society and Legal Concepts(both Year 1 modules)
    • Tutors will facilitate round-table discussions with first year students
    • Introduction to Law and Society and Legal Concepts roundtables are currently scheduled to take place on alternate Fridays during Terms 1 and 2. Tutors may be recruited for one or both of these modules.

The Law School may have need for tutoring in other optional subjects on its undergraduate programme and also for other one-off learning support activities taking place in the department across the academic year.

Further details of all modules can be obtained from the Module Catalogue.

Brief description of the main duties:

  • Teach and facilitate student learning
  • Help students develop their research, writing, reflection  and other study skills
  • Help students to make sense of their learning within the context of the module and programme
  • Attend meetings relating to student programmes on which they teach
  • Attend associated teaching, where appropriate
  • Act as a catalyst for further development or learning
  • Use existing teaching materials or modify teaching materials to enhance existing session plans within a clear and established programme
  • Under supervision, mark assessment for some modules.

Qualifications, skills, experience required:

  • Be registered as a postgraduate student on a research-based programme.
  • Have a knowledge of and interest in relevant areas of law
  • Be able to handle students’ questions confidently
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • For some subject areas there may be additional requirements (see above)

Candidates must have an appropriate level of spoken and written English. All candidates must be willing to attend courses and training events as required by the Law School.

These positions are available for start in Week 1 of Term 1.

Pay:  £13.21 per hour x a 1.75 multiplier for all classes. £9.09 per hour marking.

Hours of work: Varies according to the specific tutor role

Closing date: 31 August 2019

Details of how to apply:

Please send an email to Louise Prendergast: with a letter indicating your areas of teaching interests within the opportunities listed above and explaining any relevant experience. Please attach a current CV. If you are considered for one of teaching assignments, we will discuss this work opportunity with your supervisor to confirm that s/he approves of your taking on this role.