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Making e:vision more secure

Posted on 6 May 2021

Following the successful rollout of Duo two-factor authentication on the VPN, Virtual Desktop, SSH and Student Enquiry Screen (SES) services, we are now working to add this protection to e:vision for current students and staff.

e:vision is the online student records system, used for a number of purposes across the student journey from enrolment to graduation.

Why we're doing this

At the moment, anyone with a valid username and password can login to many University services - even if they’ve got hold of that information maliciously (eg via a phishing attack). This type of attack has already happened, so this simple additional step will have a big impact on everyone’s digital safety.

With this in mind, Duo two-factor authentication will be required to log in to the e:vision from Tuesday 18 May onwards.

What will happen

From Tuesday 18 May to log in to e:vision you will first need to enter your University username and password as normal. You will then be prompted for your second factor authentication method by Duo (for example responding to a push notification from the Duo Mobile app, entering a passcode you receive by SMS text message).

If you have used Duo to log in to the VPN, then this process will look and work much the same.

What you need to do

If you have already registered for Duo (in order to log in to the VPN, Virtual Desktop, SSH or SES services) then you’re all set - there is no need to register again.

If you have not registered for Duo, please do so now. We will be rolling out this protection to other University services in the coming months, and we recommend that all students and staff register for Duo in preparation for these changes.

It’s quick and easy to register - log in to the site using your University username and password, then follow the instructions:

Register for Duo

More information on registering and using Duo can be found on our website: Duo two-factor authentication

If you have any questions concerning two-factor authentication please contact IT Support - email or call (01904 32) 3838.