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Making the Virtual Desktop Service more secure

Posted on 4 September 2020

Duo two-factor authentication will be required to log in to the Virtual Desktop Service from Tuesday 8 September.

As we previously announced, we’ve been planning to introduce Duo two-factor authentication to the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to make the service more secure. This will happen next week at 8am on Tuesday 8 September.

If you haven’t already registered for Duo two-factor authentication you will need to do this to continue using the VDS. From Tuesday 8 September you will be unable to use the VDS until you register for Duo.

At the moment, anyone with a valid username and password can log in to the VDS, accessing our network and systems from anywhere in the world - even if they’ve got hold of that information maliciously (eg via a phishing attack). This type of attack has already happened, so this simple additional step will have a big impact on everyone’s digital safety.

Registering for Duo 2FA

It’s quick and easy to register to use Duo - log in to the site below using your University username and password, then follow the instructions.

Full information on registering for and using Duo is available on our website: 

Logging in to the VDS with Duo

Guidance on using Duo to log in to the VDS is available on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact IT Support by emailing or by calling (01904 32) 3838.