VC's award for Mike Dunn

Posted on 18 July 2017

Mike Dunn has been awarded the VC's Award for Teaching, in recognition of his work on IT training.

Mike Dunn of Information Services with his VC's Award for Teaching, awarded in July 2017.

Mike joined what was then the Computing Service in 2008, as part of the Support Services Group. He was already well known to us, having worked as a tutor on our IT training courses for some years before that.

As his role has developed over the years, he has managed the training programme, developed new courses, produced online training and support resources, and has continued to teach with a relaxed yet informative style which is always well received - he not only receives excellent feedback, but students frequently recommend his course to their peers.

In making the award, the panel noted Mike's commitment to task based learning, his development of online sessions, and his impact on colleagues as he devotes time to sharing best practice within Information Services, and with the wider HE community.

"The panel was impressed with the way that you reflect a serious and focused approach to the development of you teaching. It is clear you are always striving to improve your teaching, with innovative approaches. You aim to ensure that students have a good learning experience and they develop excellent skills, which results in very good feedback."

This award is well deserved, and we're very proud of Mike's achievement.