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ICYMI - information for returners

Posted on 23 September 2016

Been away for the summer? Here's what you may have missed from IT Services.

Windows 10

We've upgraded all of our IT rooms to Windows 10, and are working on making it available to staff office machines.

We've also replaced the thin clients on the second floor of the Fairhurst with Windows 10 PCs.

Logging in to web services

We've upgraded the tool that manages logins to various web-based services. The main thing that you'll notice is it looks different. Find out more:

Phishing attacks

As always, the scammers have been at large. Make sure you're familiar with our advice about phishing and other scams:

New device?

If you got a shiny new device over the summer, find out how to get it connected to York services:

Updated website

We've updated the IT Services site to the University's new responsive template, meaning it works much better on phones and tablets.