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Security issues for Lenovo laptops/PCs

Posted on 20 February 2015

You may have seen press reports about security concerns affecting Lenovo laptops and PCs. These concerns centre on hidden adware installed on the machines which affects their security. The problem affects models sold in the last six months - Lenovo state that the adware is not installed on any machines now being sold.

All our recommended laptops are Lenovo models. However, when laptops are purchased to become managed laptops, we reimage them on receipt (rebuild them with our own desktop and software). This means that they are not affected by this issue, and there is no cause for concern. We are checking with Getech and Lenovo whether there is any cause for concern with laptops purchased from Getech which were not intended to become managed laptops, and therefore were not reimaged.

If you have purchased a Lenovo laptop or PC privately in the last six months, you may wish to contact your supplier for advice.

Lenovo have announced that they will provide a tool to remove the adware - we expect this will be available quite soon, but there's no release date confirmed yet. When we have details, we'll send these to the Departmental Computing Officers and publish them on our Twitter feed:

In the meantime, you can check whether your machine is one of those affected by the adware (known as Superfish) using this tool:

If you have any concerns, please contact the IT Support Office for advice.