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Filestore downtime: Thursday 24 September

Posted on 15 September 2015

We're upgrading the file servers that provide your central filestore to increase their speed and capacity. This means there'll be a short period of downtime from 7am on Thursday 24 September.

The filestore affected is user filestore (userFS), which you may know as your home directory, or M: and H: drives. While the work takes place, it will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes, but your device may not reconnect when the downtime ends:

  • Windows devices will reconnect given time - they can be rebooted to make them reconnect sooner.
  • Linux desktops will require a reboot to reconnect.
  • Centrally managed Apple Macs will need to be logged out prior to the change as the desktop will freeze once userFS disappears. If necessary, we can force connected Macs to log out centrally.
  • Unmanaged Apple Macs will reconnect on the next use of the drive.

Wherever possible, we advise that you log off your machine the night before (Wednesday 23 September ), and don't use it again until the work has completed.

There will also be disruption to the user web service, research0, teaching0, and YARCC, which will be unavailable throughout the downtime. Any long running jobs on research0 and teaching0 will be stopped: if the data in the job hasn't been checkpointed, the job will need to be re-run. Please contact the IT Support Office if you need advice about this.

Shared filestores (Storage, FlexFS and ProjectFS) will not be affected.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact the Library and IT Help Desk.