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CityConnect: wifi for campus visitors

Posted on 8 July 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the City of York’s wifi, CityConnect, is now available on campus. It’s provided on our network, in conjunction with the council, in the same way that eduroam is now available in the city centre, hosted on the council’s network.

CityConnect will allow visitors to campus to access wifi, without needing a temporary IT Services account. It can be used by anyone - for example, conference delegates, Open Day attendees, visiting friends and family, departmental speakers etc.

CityConnect is an open network. You can log-in using a social media account, or by filling in a short web form. Once logged-in, the session will remain active for 24 hours.

Please note:

It’s important that both staff and students continue to use eduroam to connect to the internet. Connecting via eduroam gives a faster, more secure, encrypted connection, and a persistent log-in (ie you won’t need to log-in again every 24 hours). Once connected, you can use eduroam at participating institutions across the UK, Europe and the world.