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New Centre for Global Health Histories blog post on the elimination of Malaria

Posted on 14 September 2020

A new briefing from the Global Health Histories (GHH) project draws on materials presented at seminars and webinars to look at different aspects of malaria control, and at how this can only be achieved through a combination of approaches.

To date, the world has eradicated one human disease, smallpox. It is becoming increasingly possible that malaria may follow suit. ‘The many strands of malaria elimination’ (by Wellcome Trust-funded writer and communications specialist Radhika Holmström) looks at effective public health systems; the need for communities to feel that it is worth engaging with anti-malaria strategies; the limitations of treatment, and in particular the threat of resistance to artemisinin; and the need for regional collaborations to tackle a disease which is carried across borders.

The blog post draws on two seminars that can be viewed here: Can malaria be eradicated? The future of malaria control (GHH seminar 148, 21 July 2020) and Health Diplomacy: The bases for international and global health (GHH seminar 164, 6 March 2020). We thank the Wellcome Trust for their support in organising these seminars.