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The British Art Research School

The British Art Research School is an international community of scholars with a shared interest in the art of the British Isles and associated historical territories from the late antique to the present day. We enjoy a concentration of expertise in medieval stained glass, sculpture and architecture; seventeenth- and eighteenth-century architecture, painting, sculpture and graphic art; Victorian painting, sculpture and architecture; and modern British art and architecture.

Members of the School explore British art from a wide range of theoretical and historiographical position: alongside issues of materiality, iconography, class, gender, sexuality and ethnicity, and in relation to local, continental, imperial and post-colonial cultures. Since its launch at the University of York in 1998, staff and students connected to the School have made many important contributions to the field of British art studies through major exhibitions, publications, conferences and other events.

The British Art Research School offers a broad range of taught modules at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and has a thriving community of research students.



Research staff



Current and recent modules taught by members of the British Art Research School include:


  • Architecture & Politics in Stuart England
  • Art & the City: Representing Georgian London & York
  • British Art since the Second World War
  • Casts & Cultures: The Crystal Palace Sydenham
  • Church, College & Castle c. 1250-1450
  • Cut / Bite / Stamp: The Power of Print in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Image & Word: Interactions between the Visual Arts & Writing
  • Medieval Stained Glass
  • Modernism 1900-1939
  • Painting in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Popular Propaganda, Satire & Caricature
  • Sculpture in the Circum-Atlantic World
  • Sculpture in the Twentieth Century
  • Stained Glass in the Great Church c.1170-1350
  • The 'British School': Sculpture in Britain, c.1760-1837
  • The Age of the Cathedrals: Architecture in England 1050-1250
  • The Art of Anglo-Saxon England, c.600-1066
  • The Art of the Insular World c. 600-1066
  • The Cultures of Sculpture, 1815-1918
  • The English Country House
  • The Glory of Gothic: Art for England c. 1400-1547
  • Victorian Art


  • Art & Imagery in York Minster
  • Art and Aestheticism in Late Victorian Britain
  • English Sculpture 1848-99 and English Sculpture 1900-1939
  • Exhibition: Art & Display in 18th Century England
  • Glory of Gothic: Art for England c.1400-1547
  • Graphic Satire in Eighteenth-Century England
  • Landscape Painting in Britain c.1750-1850
  • Modernism in France & England, 1914-1940
  • Scrolls and Serpents: The Arts of the Early Insular World (c.600-900 AD)
  • Sir John Vanbrugh & Friends: English Architecture, 1660-1736
  • The Grand Tour