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21 January, York
HoA Research Seminar: Dealers, Collectors and Curators: The rise in fascination with Mina’i ware in the early twentieth century

26 - 27 January, London
Dr Cadence Kinsey; University College London

4 February, York
HoA Research Seminar: A Monster of Beautiful Loathsomeness: William Etty's 'The Sirens and Ulysses'

12 February, York
Islamic Art Circle: The Poetics of Retreat: meditation and space at the Shrine in Mahan

18 February, York
HoA Research Seminar: Amor Mundi: Documentary, Contemporary Art, and the Descriptive Power of Lens-Based Capture

21 February, Cambridge
Dr Cadence Kinsey; Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cambridge

22 February, York
Islamic Art Circle: Materials from the Margins: A Seljuq Horizon and Pre-Mongol 'Globalism

25 February, York
HoA Research Seminar: The Poetics of Style Empire Eclecticism: Piranesi, Rome and Alexandria

4 March, York
HoA Research Seminar: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? And Why?

7 March, York
Islamic Art Circle: Travelling East via Burlington House: Orientalist painting at the Royal Academy