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4 March, York
HoA Research Seminar: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? And Why?

21 March, Leuven
Dr Cordula van Wyhe; Arts Faculty or Erasmushuis, Blijde Inkomststraat 21

23 April, York
Islamic Art Circle: Travelling East via Burlington House: Orientalist painting at the Royal Academy

2 May, York
Islamic Art Circle: Tile Mania: Collecting and copying 'Persian' tiles in the late 19th Century

14 May, Cambridge
Dr Cordula van Wyhe; precise location to be confirmed

14 May, York
Islamic Art Circle: Image, Likeness or Parody: Portraiture in Persian Painting

30 May, York
Islamic Art Circle: Landscapes of Reform: Ottoman Palace Gardens of the 18th and 19th Centuries

4 -16 June, York
Festival of Ideas 2019: A World of Wonder Please let us know when you'll be visiting; we'd love to meet you!

4 June, York
Summer Theory Institute Keynote Lecture: Jackson Pollock's Mural in the Light of Photography

4 June, York
Islamic Art Circle: The Relationship Between Visuality and Text in Bibliomantic Practices in Persian and Urdu Divination Manuscripts

6 June, York
Islamic Art Circle: Mamluk Textiles: 'Internationalism' in Mamluk clothing

11 June, York
Islamic Art Circle: Tipu Sultan of Mysore (1750-1799) and the Arts of the Book

13 June, York
Islamic Art Circle: Seeing Sound