Types of assessment

Throughout your course, we will assess the work you do.

Some assignments will be formative; this means that you will get feedback from your tutors, but your work will not be marked, and your results will not influence your final grade.

There will be a number of summative assignments too; you will get both feedback and marks for these, and your results will directly influence your final grade.

On certain courses, your participation in classes is also part of the final assessment.

Performance level descriptors

We have prepared detailed rubrics or performance level descriptors for all marked assignment. These explain to you in great detail what exactly your work is assessed on, and how we assign you marks. It is important to look at these detailed rubrics before you start to work on an assignment, so that you fully understand what you need to do.

You will find these performance level descriptors both on your course website and within Google Classroom, attached to each marked assignment.


As different assignments take a different amount of time and effort to complete, we often weigh them. This means that when we calculate your total marks, we use something called a weighted average.

Your course website and Google Classroom will show information on how much each assignment weighs (out of a total of 100%).


You can get the following grades at the end of your course, depending on the weighted average of your marks for all assignments:

Marks (weighted average)

80% or more AA (Excellent)
70-79% A (Very good)
60-69% B (Good)
50-59% C (Satisfactory)
Less than 50% D (Fail)