Research environment and infrastructure

The Department of Economics and Related Studies is proud of its high-quality research and research-led teaching. Our specialist fields attract excellent graduate and research students, allowing staff to match their teaching and research activities. We will continue the development of the postgraduate school, reinforcing the vital connection between postgraduate teaching and research.

Our research interests build on the core areas of econometrics, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Specialist groups work in health economics, experimental economics, labour economics, finance, economic history & development. These research groups are very active, supported by seminar programmes and research workshops and, in some cases, field journals. In addition the department collaborates with other university research centres and groups (such as CHE, CCJEP and YHEC) that have an interest in applied economics. The Alcuin Research Resource Centre (ARRC) provides the department with state-of-the-art research facilities and accommodation.

Staff and research students are grouped into research clusters, which facilitate quality research and provide additional support for research grant applications. Research clusters currently include applied microeconometrics, micro theory, econometrics, economic history, health economics, macroeconomics/finance, and experimental economics.

The department is located in a complex of related departments and research facilities in Alcuin College. The Alcuin Research Resource Centre encompasses a remote access data analysis cluster, auditorium, seminar room, two focus rooms and an experimental economics laboratory. Another area, the Health Economics Resource Centre (HERC) provides study space, computing and information resources for health economics research students. In addition we have excellent research facilities available for our PhD students in Alcuin College, including IT equipment and study and social space.

Research student activity has always been of great importance to the department. 166 students have successfully completed postgraduate (PhD/MPhil) studies in the Department of Economics at The University of York since the beginning of 2001. Of these, 82 now work as full-time academics in universities, 14 are now working in research capacities at major international banks, 18 are economists for Government and Government agencies, while 3 work in the private sector as research economists. York provides a solid career foundation for academics in the UK with 29 of the 82 academics having taken up positions throughout a number of UK universities.

The international spread of the careers of our postgraduate students is also worthy of note, with students finding employment in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA.

In addition to the research group activity that takes place in the clusters, we also have departmental level workshops, seminars and research-level short courses. We have an active international visitor programme with an average of three visitors per annum. We host research workshops and short conferences in such areas as finance, econometrics, macro, and labour economics, whose speakers include some of the leading scholars in these fields.

The Departmental Research Committee allocates research resources to support external seminars, internal workshops and visitor programmes, research sabbaticals, junior staff mentoring, discussion paper series and personal academic research budgets (conferences, travel etc). It also funds research pump priming, journal submission fees and equipment grants.

Students on the bridge to the J.B. Morrell library