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Important News: move to online experiments

    • Because of the coronavirus crisis, the EXEC laboratory is currently out-of-bounds, and we are moving to running experiments online. The IT service is setting up for us an online server which can be used to run experiments. We will publish information on this site as soon as possible. In the meantime, we note that the operation will be similar to that in the lab. In particular, subjects will have to have a York username, and appear in our hroot register. This is for security reasons.

Other news

    • John Hey is back as Director of EXEC, and is now Emeritus Professor of Economics and Statistics.
    • Lihui Lin started her doctoral studies in October 2019.
    • EXEC, in conjuction with Department of Economics and Related Studies, hosted the Fundations of Utility and Risk 2018 conference. This is a highly prestigious international conference.
    • There is now no point in us block-booking the EXEC lab. If things get back to normal, we will block-book again.

Information for users of the laboratory

    • Anyone wishing to use the laboratory must first get permission from John Hey
    • All users of the laboratory will be asked to sign their agreement to the Ethical Statement (PDF , 646kb) agreed by EXEC with the University.
    • There is a document describing the operation of the laboratory that potential experimentalists will find invaluable.
    • Here there are exec receipts (PDF , 30kb) for use in experiments.
    • More information can be found on the Laboratory tab.