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Sad News: The demise of the EXEC physical laboratory

Mainly because of the coronavirus crisis, but also partly due to the fact that the machines in our beautiful lab had an out-of-date operating system, and we could not get finance to purchase new ones, our lab has been closed and moved to another use.  This is sad because an EXEC laboratory, in some form or another, has existed since 1988.

The partly ameliorating good news: our move to online experiments

Mark Wilson and the IT Department of the University have laboured long and hard, and come to our rescue and have provided us with a platform on which we can securely run online experiments. These are not the same as lab experiments, but we have overcome most of the problems. For those interested in using our online lab (or indeed recruiting subjects from our hroot register, should read the information on the right.



Information for potential users of our online lab

As ever, we welcome other experimental economists to use our (online) lab; several people have already used it. Anyone wanting to use it should contact John Hey. Below are the 'rules and regulations'.