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Get paid to take part in economics experiments

EXEC is being reborn. We have a number of experiments in the pipeline and we are planning more.

There are going to be changes the way experiments are conducted. As we no longer have our own physical lab with our own server, we will conduct our experiments in a Computer Room on Campus, and we will use an online server. As far as participants are concerned, however, everything will be effectively the same. You will turn up, be seated at a computer terminal, You will be given a set of instructions and any questions will be answered. You will do the experiment and then you will be paid and you can leave.

Experiments are simple decision-making problems (in an economics context). They involve no physical effort, and no deception.

You can register as a potential participant by going to the Register and participate page. Registering does not commit you to any experiment, but you will be invited to upcoming experiments and you can then decide whether or not you want to participate.

So REGISTER now! And earn money by participating in an economics experiment.



Information for potential users of our online lab

As ever, we welcome other experimental economists to use our (online) lab; several people have already used it. Anyone wanting to use it should contact John Hey. Below are the 'rules and regulations'.