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The EXEC Laboratory

The EXEC laboratory is located in what is called the Computer Training Room / EXEC Laboratory in the ARRC Building in Alcuin. EXEC has priority rights on booking and using this room. It is equipped with 32 computer terminals, all separable from each other. The laboratory was designed by EXEC specifically for the running of experiments. It is one of the finest experimental laboratories in the world.

Access to the EXEC Laboratory

To have access to the laboratory, for the purpose of running economics experiments, please contact the EXEC director, John Hey. The laboratory is open between 9 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday, and also at weekends, with special permission.

Hardware and software

The laboratory is serviced with a powerful server and 32 networked workstations, and hence is suitable both for running individual experiments and networked experiments. The laboratory can be isolated from the outside world and also be connected with it. This latter facility is particular useful for running experiments with other centres of experimental economics throughout the world. Installed in the laboratory is a variety of software, some - like Z-tree - specifically designed for economics experiments. The hardware and software is installed, maintained and supported by the IT manager of the facility who is also able to assist users.

Ethical Statement

All users of the laboratory will be asked to sign their agreement to the  of EXEC which has been agreed with the University.

Facilities and Rules

Users of the laboratory will find invaluable this document explaining the  of the laboratory. Users will need the standard exec receipts (PDF  , 30kb).