Learning and Teaching (L&T) Fund award

News | Posted on Friday 23 February 2024

Ning Xue and Yaprak Tavman were successful in securing a Learning and Teaching (L&T) Fund award for their project "Co-development of inclusive PBL resources for tutors and students".

Ning and Yaprak's project will expand on their previous project “Co-development of a problem-based learning (PBL) module in partnership with students”, which was also funded by the L&T fund in 2022-23.

PBL is a method of student-led learning that encourages students to explore an authentic, real-world problem through group work and self-directed learning. Yaprak and Ning are going to introduce PBL to the teaching of Economics at York for the first time in September 2024. Thanks to the funding they obtained for these projects, they are working with Economics students to design various elements of the new PBL module and to create resources that will support an inclusive implementation of PBL.