Distance learners handbook

More information and support for distance learners can be found in the distance learners' handbook. 

Distance Learner Handbook 2017/18 (PDF  , 747kb)

As a student, particularly as a distance learner, there are certain links, items and resources that you need to be able to access regularly and simply. We hope you find many of them here.

This page will be developed and added to over time. If you come across additional resources which you think other distance learners would benefit from just let your College Officer know and your suggested resources will be considered for inclusion.



Your state of health and wellbeing will have a significant impact on how you experience your studies. Visit the Health and Wellbeing pages of the website for information and resources. 

Find some excellent mental well-being resources here from Mind Your Head York.

If you do need someone to talk to about any issues that are bothering you visit the Help and support page. 

Below you will find some mindfulness videos taken from the self-help area.   

Introduction to mindfulness

Counting the breath

Mindfulness of sound


In this area you will find links to recordings made by the Careers Service. You will need to use your University Login to access some of the recordings.

Public Sector in the UK

Are you interested in working in the Public Sector in the UK? The link below provides a fantastic opportunity to hear from Teach First, the NHS Leadership Academy, the Civil Service Fast Stream, National Graduate Development Programme for local government (NGDP) and Frontline about graduate opportunities in the public sector. This panel was hosted by the Careers Service in November 2016. Please note you do not need to be a recent graduate to enter these graduate programs; many individuals enter them as a career change years after graduating.

Public Sector Panel opening slide

 Starting a Business

Did you know the Careers Service can provide help starting a new business. Watch the video presented by Tom the University’s Enterprise Development Officer for more information on the support you can receive and also funding opportunities available. Or check out the Enterprise website for full details

Toms Video on Enterprise at the University of York



Talks and presentations that may be of interest

Presentations about giving Presentations!

Business, Accounting and Management Society (BAM Soc) is the official society for all students studying at the York Management School (TYMS). Recently they ran an evening event to provide students, of all years, with practical tips on creating much more engaging and confident presentations. The presentations were recorded via lecture capture (slides and audio) and also on a video camera (slides, presenter and audio). The presentations can be viewed using your usual University Login.

 Dr Alex Gillett: Structuring a Business Presentation

Alex Gilletts Opening Slide        Placeholder for Alex Gillett Video

 Dr Chris Corker: How to deliver a Research Presentation

Chris Corkers opening slide‌         Placeholder for Chris Corker Video

Tim Chapman MBA: Secrets of the Perfect Pitch

Tim Chapman opening slide‌         Placeholder for Tim Chapman Video

As part of the evening there was also a more 'workshop style' presentation delivered by Julie Parker, BSc MSTAT - Presenting with your Whole Self. In this interactive workshop, Julie demonstrates the importance of our thinking and responses to stresses, as well as giving some strategies for good use of our voices and bodies to enhance our delivery of presentations.

Opening Slide for Julie Parker video ‌ 

 Starting a Business

Did you know the Careers Service can provide help starting a new business. Watch the video presented by Tom the University’s Enterprise Development Officer for more information on the support you can receive and also funding opportunities available. Or check out the Enterprise website for full details.

Toms Video on Enterprise at the University of York‌‌‌‌

The Classification of Culture

The Centre for Global Programmes at the University runs a series of workshops for students as part of their Intercultural Studies Programme. Unfortunately you can't access these directly, but Dr Andrew Kerrigan has been kind enough to record one of them for you - Classifying Cultures.

This interactive presentation - you have the option to complete some tasks and reflect on your culture as the presentation progresses - highlights the benefits of being 'mobile' as viewed by employers, and discusses the classification of culture.

If you work internationally, or would like to, you would undoubtedly find the information relating to Hofstedes first four orientations (PDF  , 651kb) useful and interesting. The orientations are discussed in more detail in the presentation.

Classifying World Cultures