About the College

Here at Halifax College we have a distinctive village-like community spirit. We focus on creativity, and promoting leadership and active living amongst our members, helping them to develop their personal, academic and employability skills.

Officially opened in 2003, Halifax College is already the largest college at York, with over 2,700 members and 970 residents. Attracting international and UK undergraduates, postgraduates, and students with families, Halifax is one of the most diverse colleges in the University.

Located in a beautiful rural setting with easy access to the East and West Campuses, Halifax College is a lively student village with a strong commitment to promoting innovation and leadership skills amongst its members. A 2-minute cycle from Heslington West and a 7-minute one to Heslington East, Halifax is perfect for unwinding with friends away from the bustle of classes and deadlines. The barbeques and picnic areas are popular places to study and socialise, and the HCSA run volunteering and social events frequently throughout the term.  



'Having such a large college means when we run charity events, we get such an amazing turnout!' - Rafee Jenkins, Halifax College RAG Officer 

RAG Parade 2014

'Halifax is always such a great environment to come back to. It's only a short walk to my lectures yet I always felt I was able to unwind and feel at home in the College' - Ollie Martin, Halifax Student

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