Before you arrive

Your room number

Accommodation services will email you in September with your room number and block. If you have any accommodation queries, get in touch with the Accommodation team.

  • The letter at the start (H) tells you that your room is in Halifax
  • The next letters show your block/house
  • The following digits are your room number
  • The first of the digits will inform which floor you’re on

For example: HWO/A/01 is Wood Court, House A, room 1, ground floor. HAI/A/002 is Ainsty Court, Block A, Room 002.

When to arrive

Your arrival day depends on where you’re coming from and your block, to ensure we have sufficient support available for you on the day.

Once your room number is confirmed, we’ll email your University account with a link for you to book an arrival slot. 

  • 20 September - Postgraduates
  • 24 September - International Students
  • 25 and 26 September - UK freshers (day depends on your block)

Arrivals day

1. Getting here

Find travel information on the maps, directions and parking web pages.

Car travel

There is a car park at Halifax College (postcode YO10 5DN). Please leave your bags in your car until you’ve collected your university key card and have been greeted by your College Team.

2. Meet STYCs and collect keys

When you arrive at Halifax, you’ll be welcomed by our student helpers (STYCs), identifiable by their blue t-shirts. They’ll direct you where to go. Don't be afraid to ask them for help!

Your STYC will show you where to pick up your key card and student ID, and be welcomed by our college staff. Please remember to bring a photo ID.

If you’ve booked an arrival time after 5pm, you should collect your keycard from the reception in the Halifax College Reception Building.

3. Move into your room

Once you have your key card, it’s time to find your room! A STYC or STYM (Student Mentor) will be able to show you where to go if needed.

If you arrive by car, unload all of your luggage and then move your car to the overflow car park before unpacking. Directions to the overflow will be given on the day. You will be given a slip which allows you 30 minutes parking.

4. Say hi to your flatmates

Once you’re familiar with your new surroundings and have unpacked your stuff, you might want to say hi to your flatmates. Your kitchen is usually a good place to do so. 

The STYMs for your flat will be in touch soon, to let you know about the weeks ahead.

Keeping up to date

As the start of term gets closer, we’ll email you helpful information and advice on how to prepare. All emails will be sent to your University email account. If you’ve missed any, you can find them below.

Your first week

During your first week, Halifax and our Students’ Unions deliver a programme of introductory activities, led by our student committee, to welcome you to our college, help you meet fellow students and start living Halifax life to the full.

Join in at Halifax