Our team are all happy to help and available to talk to should you need.

Whether it's some straightforward advice or a difficult situation, they'll do their best to point you in the right direction.

Your support network

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Our reception is on Garrowby Way. For opening times and contact details, see:

College Administrator

Deals with the day to day running of things. Your first point of contact for general enquiries and support.

College Manager

Your college's operational lead. Oversees welfare issues and can talk through any of your more serious concerns if needed.

College Life Coordinator (CLC)

Provides welfare and wellbeing support and delivers key student experience projects for the college.

College Life Advisors (CLA)

Support community activity and offers peer support for issues such as homesickness, making friends and settling in to uni life.

Wellbeing Officer

Provides ongoing welfare and wellbeing support, as well as facilitating training and development opportunities for students.

Your College Manager: Jenny Underhill

Hi, I’m Jenny the Halifax College Manager. I work with the college team to make sure our students are safe and supported throughout their time at university.

If you have a welfare issue that’s been escalated, I’ll be able to help.

Your College Administrators: Larry Healy and Jacqui Fountain

Hi, we’re Larry and Jacqui, your Halifax College Administrators. We help with the day to day running of the college. If you have any general enquiries or questions, you should speak to us first and we’ll be happy to help.

Your College Wellbeing Officer (CWO): Mark Curran

Hi I’m Mark, your Halifax College Wellbeing Officer. I provide ongoing welfare and wellbeing support to Halifax students and work with the College Manager on more complex issues.

I also work closely with the Halifax College Student Association (HCSA) to provide training and development opportunities for students in the College, and with the College Life Coordinator and College Manager on cross-college projects.

Your College Life Coordinator (CLC): Jane Baston

Hi, I’m Jane. I help provide welfare and wellbeing support, and work on welcome and orientation and college sports. If you have a problem with your housemates, or would like to speak to about a welfare issue, you can come to me.

I joined York as a Masters student studying Bioarchaeology and haven't left yet because I like the city and the campus so much! I was the Vice-President Academic at the Graduate Students' Association for two years, where I raised the voices of postgraduate students and fought for their needs throughout the University. I'm driven by a desire to improve the student experience, using my own experiences of University to do so. I'm a passionate advocate for empowering students and the wider community to create change, so that they can have the best experience possible at York.

Your College Life Avisors (CLAs)

Your two College Life Advisors (CLAs) are here to support college community activity.

CLAs offer peer support programmes through our Second and Third Year Mentors/Contacts and Student Connect programme.

Our CLAs also help put on college events and programmes. If you’ve got an event idea, speak to them!

Halifax Student Committee

Halifax Student Committee are student volunteers who are voted in each year and dedicate their time to improving the Halifax College student experience and making sure your voices are heard. You can get in touch with them at on Facebook.

Other help and support

Maintenance and cleaning

If your room or a building on campus needs repair or cleaning, here's how to let us know.

Report a problem

Student health and wellbeing

Resources to help you look after your physical and mental health and direction to further support.

Health and wellbeing

Campus safety and security

Information about campus security and who to contact out of hours or in case of an emergency.

Campus security

Halifax Reception

Our reception is on Garrowby Way. For opening times and contact details, see the Reception Services web page.

Reception Services

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Our reception is on Garrowby Way. For opening times and contact details, see: