Accessibility statement

Rules and Behaviour

We want all students to enjoy their time as members of Goodricke College.  Nevertheless, there are a number of rules that exist within the College in order to ensure the welfare of residents.

Student Discipline

The policies and procedures regarding student discipline can be found in the University's Regulation 7, including the appeals procedure.

If you experience or witness an incident of student misconduct, complete this Incident Reporting Form, for full details of the process see here.

Rules of residence

While living in Goodricke College you are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of your residence. Take particular note of all clauses under 'Your Responsibilities'.

Health and Safety

As detailed in your terms and conditions you must comply with:

As a resident you must attend the compulsory fire talk at the beginning of the academic year.  The dates and times are detailed in the arrivals information.

Fire Safety

A fire alarm test will take place every Thursday morning in all accommodation blocks and Goodricke Nucleus.  You do not need to vacate your accommodation when you hear this alarm.  If the alarm goes off at any other time or on a Thursday for longer than just a few seconds, you must vacate your accommodation immediately as this will not be the weekly test.

In your bedroom there is a fire notice which informs you of the fire evacuation process and where your Fire Assembly point is, make sure you familiarise yourself with this process as soon as you arrive at Goodricke.

At various times during the year fire drills will be carried out to test the evacuation process. When this takes place you MUST vacate your accommodation immediately in line with the process.

Fire risk assessments will be carried out each term, a check will take place of all bedrooms to ensure that the fire safety regulations are being adhered to, here are some key points to remember:

  • do not use portable heaters, they are not allowed in accommodation
  • do not leave electrical items left plugged in ie hair straighteners and hairdryers
  • do not use adaptors which are not CE approved
  • do not wedge fire doors open
  • do not leave cooking unattended
  • do not smoke in your accommodation, this includes e-cigs and shisha pipes
  • do not have candles, even unlit ones, in your accommodation
  • do not interfere with fire safety equipment