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Where's my nearest cafe?

There are a selection of cafes operated by the university and the student union on campus.

The nearest takeaway cafe to Goodricke College is Cafe Society located in the Law and Management building, next to Oliver Sheldon Court. 

In the Ron Cooke Hub, a few minutes walk away from the college, is the Hub Cafe which offers a selection of hot and cold food and drinks, all available to eat in or take away.

In the Piazza Building, is the largest catering outlet on Campus East, Piazza Restaurant providing hot food, cold snacks, Starbucks Coffee and delicious cakes from sunrise to sunset.

Where's my nearest pub/bar?

The nearest bar is the Glasshouse.  This is situated in Langwith College which is next to Goodricke College. 

The nearest pubs outside of the Heslington East campus are the Charles XII and the Deramore Arms , both located in Heslington village. This is approximately a fifteen minute walk from the College and remains extremely popular with students at the University. 

Where's my nearest shop?

Nearby shops are:

  • Nisa Local on Kimberlow Hill. 
  • BP Service Station on Hull Road. 
  • A Sainsbury's Local supermarket is located on Farndale Avenue - approximately 5 minutes away from the BP station by foot.
  • There is a small deli and supermarket (Brown's) in Heslington village.
  • Known as Market Square, the University shopping complex located on Heslington West has a Nisa convenience store and the Student Union 'Your Shop'. These are approximately a 10-minute walk from Goodricke College or a short free bus ride away.  

Where's my nearest supermarket?

York has all the major supermarkets.

  • Asda and Aldi – The most conveniently located Asda and Aldi store is at Monks cross Retail Park which can be accessed via bus 20 from Heslington Hall which runs up to every hour. 
  • Coop – A Coop is located on Hull Road which is a 30 minute walk away from Goodricke College or 200 metres away from the Hull Road Boulevard stop served by bus 56 from Heslington East interchange which runs up to every hour.
  • Iceland - An Iceland is located on Fulford road which can be accessed via bus 24 from Heslington Hall which runs up to every hour.
  • Morrisons- There is a Morrison’s store at Foss Island which is 350 metres away from the Sainsbury’s bus stop served by bus 56 from Heslington East interchange which runs up to every hour.
  • Sainsburys – There is a Sainsbury’s store at Foss bank which can be accessed via bus 56 from Heslington East interchange which runs up to every hour for the timetable see.
  • Tesco- The most conveniently located Tesco store is at Clifton Moor Retail Park which can be accessed via bus 20 from Heslington Hall which runs up to every hour.
  • Waitrose- There is a Waitrose store at Foss Island which is 250 metres away from the Rose & Crown bus stop served by bus 56 from Heslington East interchange which runs up to every hour.

Online deliveries

Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all offer a delivery service to Goodricke College which can be booked using their online websites. The delivery cost varies between free and £7 depending on the value of the order and the time of day. It is worth considering organising an order together with flatmates to achieve the minimum spend. The postcode for Goodricke College is YO10 5GP.   

Where's my nearest bank?

Four major high-street banks (Barclays, Lloyds and NatWest) can be found in Heslington village.  The nearest branch of Santander is located in Market Square on the Heslington West campus.

Branches of all major banks and some building societies can also be found in York city centre.

Where's my nearest cashpoint?

There is a cashpoint service in Langwith College (next to Goodricke College) on Heslington East.

Cashpoint services are also available at all four of the main banks listed above and by the Student Union Building, outside Vanburgh College and in Market Square on the Heslington West campus.

Where's my nearest post office?

This is located in Heslington, next to Natwest Bank. The Post Office is in a shop selling confectionery, newspapers, stationery and greetings cards.

Where's my nearest networked printer?

There is one networked printer in Goodricke Nucleus. 

The nearest computer classrooms with printers are in the Ron Cooke Hub and the Law and Management building (next to Goodricke College).

Where's my nearest hairdressers?

There is a barbers at Kimberlow Hill, near Nisa

In addition Salon 33 and Shears are both located on Yarburgh Way which is approximately 10 minutes walk from Goodricke College.  

Where's my nearest doctors?

To consult a doctor you must first register with them. You can find a doctor convenient for where you live in York, using the NHS search facility.

Unity Health Centre, located on Kimberlow Hill, offers comprehensive general medical care but you must register to use their services. 
Opening times
  • Term time: 8.30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Holidays: 9am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 4.45pm, Monday to Friday
Contact information 
  • Kimberlow Hill Surgery, Tel: 01904 754900
  • Wenlock Terrace Surgery, Tel: 01904 754900

Can I park at the College?

It is only possible to park on campus if you have a University parking permit. Students are not eligible for a parking permit unless they have a disability. For full details, please see the information about Parking permits.

Student support

The following questions are some of the most common that the College Welfare Team encounter.  Additional information on adjusting to university life can be found here.

What should I do if my food and drink go 'missing'?

This is something that, unfortunately, can occur in student accommodation.  This is particularly the case when a large number of students share facilities such as fridges and freezers.  Some residents can simply forget what is theirs and consume food or drink that doesn't belong to them.  Some of their guests may take food without their knowledge.  It is also quite possible that food may go missing because someone in the flat is suffering from an illness they find difficult to talk about or may be experiencing financial problems.  On other occasions, a student may simply steal food from other residents because they believe they won't be caught. Regardless of the reason, this is theft.

There are several things you can try to prevent food from being taken.  One idea would be to agree with your flatmates where each resident's food is stored.  Labelling your food in containers will also deter people from taking it.  Another idea would be take it in turn to cook flat meals - allowing you to share your knowledge of food and cooking skills.  This has the added benefit of building a community spirit in your flat.  Also consider leaving notes asking for things to be returned or replaced.

If the situation does not improve, you are advised to speak to one of the College Team.  



What do I do if someone is being too noisy?

University accommodation and halls of residence can be noisy places at times.  This can, understandably, lead to tension and difficulties between residents with different lifestyles.  However, it is important for all students to compromise and communicate with their fellow housemates.

If you are being distracted by someone else's noise, it is suggested that you politely ask them to be quieter.  If the problem persists then you should contact the Hub Reception or your designated College Tutor. If necessary, Security will be called out to deal with the disturbance. Consistently noisy residents may be fined by the College Manager.  Ultimately, disruptive students can also be asked to leave the College.

All residents should be aware of the rules regarding noise in Goodricke College. There is to be minimal noise after 11pm in all residential courts.  This means that all music needs to be turned off and voices should be lowered.  Residents are more than welcome to continue playing music in one of the two common rooms in the Goodricke Nucleus (albeit at an reasonable volume).

What if something becomes faulty in the flat?

You are always advised to reporting problems or faults with your accommodation, no matter how small. Failure to report problem may lead to big charges, which we'd like you to avoid!

To report a problem please follow the instructions for Goodricke via the Accommodation Services help page

I'm concerned about my flatmate's behaviour. What can I do?

It is perfectly natural to want to help your friends/fellow residents through difficult times.  However, this must not be seen as your responsibility.  Despite your good intentions, you could end up making a situation a lot worse, both for yourself and the person you are concerned about. 

By far the best solution is to speak to a member of the College Team.  It is the College Team's role to provide support to this individual and refer them on to other services if necessary.  All information passed to the team will be treated confidentially. 

I don't get on with my flatmates. What can I do?

It's may happen that you won't get on or become friends with everyone you live with.  This is entirely understandable since some residents may have different interests, personalities, lifestyles and beliefs to you.  Part of the challenge of living in university accommodation is learning how to deal with the situations that arise from these differences.  Try to look for areas where you can bond and share ideas (sport, food, travel, politics, music, films).   The more you get to know someone, the more you will be able to appreciate your differences and what they have to offer.  Don't forget to reflect on your own behaviour too.  Have you done anything to offend another resident?  Try to establish why this conflict has arisen in the first place.  Then look at how things may be resolved.

All residents should be respected equally.  Any form of bullying, discrimination or intimidating behaviour in Goodricke College is taken very seriously.  You are encouraged to contact a member of the College Team if you are verbally or physically harassed by a fellow resident.  Further information on how to deal with harassment or discrimination can be found here.

Can a guest stay in my room?

During the Covid-19 pandemic it is not permissible to have guests or visitors to your flat or room or enter any of the accommodation buildings. 

You can meet visitors/guests outside your acommodation. When using social spaces guests must wear masks and follow social distance rules.


I have no money to pay for a taxi. It's an emergency. What can I do?

The Receptionist in the Ron Cooke Hub Reception have access to an emergency fund to help students pay for unexpected journeys to and from Goodricke College by taxi. 

All money taken from the fund must be repaid the next day.  It must be emphasised that funds will only be provided on production of a receipt and that residents will be prevented from accessing this fund if they are found to be using it for normal travel. 

My flatmates and their guests are always taking over the kitchen. What can I do?

It is important that all shared facilities are used fairly and with consideration for all residents.  Occasionally, some flatmates may want to cook for guests in the kitchens.  This is fine so long as it does not prevent other residents from using the facilities.  If this becomes a problem, it is suggested that you politely point out to your flatmate how this is impacting on you.  A compromise may be found.  You are also encouraged to speak to your flatmate(s) if you feel that he/she or they are dominating the kitchen and/or making you feel uncomfortable.

If your efforts prove unsuccessful and this behaviour continues, get in touch with one of your College Team.  

What if someone won't do their washing up?

This can happen, particularly as residents have different perceptions of what a 'clean' kitchen looks like.  You are encouraged to politely inform this resident that it is their responsibility to wash up after themselves.  One solution would be to have a cleaning and/or recycling rota, thereby ensuring that all members of your flat do their fair share.

The cleaners at Goodricke College will wipe the work surfaces.  In order for them to do this, all residents need to keep tables and sinks clear.  Residents will be notified by the Facilities Manager or a member of the College Team if their kitchen is deemed to be at an unacceptable level of cleanliness.  This will constitute a verbal warning.  If the condition of the kitchen does not improve dramatically, the College Manager will issue fines to all residents in that flat.

If the resident(s) in question appear(s) unwilling to listen to your request, you can always contact your College Team

What if I lock myself out of my room or lose my keycard?

You are advised to keep your keycard in your possession at all times.  If you do lock yourself out of your study bedroom or lose the keycard, you should report this to a receptionist in the Ron Cooke Hub Reception immediately (internal telephone 325100).  The receptionist on duty will then ensure that you can gain access and replace your keycard if necessary. Please note there is a charge to replace lost keycards.

Can I move rooms or College?

It is sometimes that case that residents want to move to a different room or even to a different College (very rare in Goodricke!).  This can be problematic since free rooms rarely become available and moving can be disruptive for everyone concerned.  In addition to this, it can often be hard for a student to move to a new flat in which everyone already knows each other and a community spirit already exists.

Having said this, it is sometimes possible to change rooms, particularly if another resident from a different College wants to do the same.  Although we can't guarantee this, the College Welfare Team and University Accommodation Office will do their very best to help.  You are encouraged to speak to the College Administrator, Paula Mountain-Agar, in the first instance.  Her office is in the College Nucleus, GNU/001.

What if someone is smoking in the hall/kitchen?

Smoking is prohibited in all Goodricke College Buildings (including all walkways and balconies). This is for health and safety reasons and for the comfort of all residents. Please note that electronic smoking devices (ESDs) will be treated as cigarettes.

You are asked to politely remind your fellow resident of this rule and to contact your College Team if this behaviour continues.  Anyone found smoking will receive a fine.  If this person continues to smoke indoors they will receive further fines and may be asked to leave their accommodation.  If you wish to smoke, please do so outside and away from College buildings.

I don't have the correct change for the laundry in the College Nucleus. Where do I go?

All machines in the laundry are operated through a card system which you can top up online, or you can download the phone app and pay for your laundry that way. 

Can I have a portable heater in my room?

Sorry but portable heaters are not permitted in any study bedrooms or kitchens for Health and Safety reasons. If found, these will be confiscated.

All buildings in Goodricke College are heated to 21 degrees Celsius every day from 07:00 - 14:00 and 15:00 - 23:00 from the beginning of October until the end of April.

Please contact Goodricke Housekeeping if you believe there is a problem with the radiator in your study bedroom.

Do I need a licence for watching TV in my flat?

If you are using your laptop, PC or a television to watch live TV in your study bedroom or in the kitchen of your flat you will need to have a valid TV licence.  The only exceptions are if the device is battery operated and has no aerial or you never watch TV as it is being broadcast. 

More information can be found here.

Not found the answer?

If you have a question and you can't find the answer here, please email your designated College Tutor (if you are a current resident) or the College Administrator, Sarah Hay.