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Professor Ahmed Musa


Leishmaniasis; Clinical trials; Vaccines; Drugs; Clinical medicine.

Chief clinical investigator of a jointly held Wellcome Trust Translation award and EDCTP grants to support leishmaniasis vaccine development.

Wasunna, M, Njenga, S, Balasegaram, M, Alexander, N, Omollo, R, Edwards, T, Dorlo, TP, Musa, B, Ali, MH, Elamin, MY, Kirigi, G, Juma, R, Kip, AE, Schoone, GJ, Hailu, A, Olobo, J, Ellis, S, Kimutai, R, Wells, S, Khalil, EA, Strub Wourgaft, N, Alves, F, Musa, A 2016, ‘Efficacy and Safety of AmBisome in Combination with Sodium Stibogluconate or Miltefosine and Miltefosine Monotherapy for African Visceral Leishmaniasis: Phase II Randomized Trial’, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol. 10, no. 9,  e0004880.

Kimutai, R, Musa AM, Njoroge, S, Omollo, R, Alves, F, Hailu, A, Khalil, EA, Diro, E, Soipei, P, Musa, B, Salman, K, Ritmeijer, K, Chappuis, F, Rashid, J, Mohammed, R, Jameneh, A, Makonnen, E, Olobo, J, Okello, L, Sagaki, P, Strub, N, Ellis, S, Alvar, J, Balasegaram, M, Alirol, E, Wasunna, M 2017, ‘Safety and Effectiveness of Sodium Stibogluconate and Paromomycin Combination for the Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Eastern Africa: Results from a Pharmacovigilance Programme’, Clinical Drug Investigation, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 259-272.

Dr Graeme Wilkinson

Drug discovery; Pharmacology; Translation.

Initially aligned to collaborative research in urology with Professor Southgate, in his current role (Head of Virtual R&D at Medicines Discovery Catapult). Dr Wilkinson is an industry representative on the CoEMS and is interested in developing and supporting further collaborations in drug discovery aligned to the exploitation of innovative research at York Biomedical Research Institute.

Wilkinson G.F. and Pritchard K. (2015). “In vitro screening for drug repositioning.” J. Biomol. Screen.; 20, 167. (doi:10.1177/1087057114563024.)

Wilkinson G.F. (2019). “Unlocking the UK’s virtual drug discovery capability.” Pharma Times and “The UK’s drug discovery capability is a high value export product as Brexit approaches”. Politics Home.